Sunday, July 31, 2011


Oh, who the hell knows deal or no deal, but now that I've got your attention...there are other ceiling debts to be raised around here, such as the munchies in my bowl and maybe another 2 inches of litter in my cat box. Grimly speaking though I've recently been discussing the human's current state of affairs with some cool cat friends of mine up in D.C. It's a unified feeling among us that this whole circus needs some new clowns. The juggling acts aren't doing so good either. Talk about out of balance or was that budget? Looks like with all the Boehneromics going on they'll be needing a bigger tent.

Let's see a show of paws out many of us are really fed up with hearing the same old sh** every day on the news? Same old terminology from almost every direction...debt...ceiling...debate...tea party! So tea party this and GOP that, we've got one TV host in a heated clash with a Senator, another one banning a tea party Rep from his show, and all this while the public is still getting over no more Oprah. Then it's another round of 'we'll close the deal'...'no, we're not'...yes, we are' wait, we're not. Just what the caucus is going on? So many words, so little worth.

Speaking of words, the name calling must be yet another circus line read 'unappeasable right-wing radicals' so I lean towards picturing a great big elephant trying to balance on a small ball while his trainer tells him which way to roll. Mustn't leave out them hoity-toity left-wingers either...wouldn't be fair to not let the asses babble on a ball too. So here you have your right-wingers and your left-wingers...yep, sounds just like a 2-ringer circus to us cats.

So happy to be a cat, I am, I am. I'll stick to the good words like shredded ocean white fish in sauce, savory salmon bits in gravy, tuna flavored munchies, meow, meow, meow.

Blessing World,
Sister VC

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