Saturday, July 2, 2011


Here's more from our gal, Carly as she gets acquainted with her new surroundings in PA:

Dear Sister:
I'm sorry I haven't been able to get Mom (Herself) to type for me the last few days since we've had the little human visiting. He's a handful that Herself wants to spend a lot of time with. Sometimes she lets me tag along. Yesterday when she was walking me very early in the morning, I came nose-to-nose with a bunny! It surprised me and then the bunny ran very, very fast. I tried to keep up but the rope was too short. I wish they'd get me a longer one! I've been really good since they put me in that doggie jail for the geragerashun in that I haven't rolled in ANYTHING. That does not mean I'm getting along any better with the big dog that lives here. Big dog tries to play with me but I snarl and snap at her. My people don't think I know how to play but they are starting to figure out that I was quite obviously punished in my past life for growling and playing doggie wrestling games. When my humans try to get me to play growl, I can only do it for a few seconds before I'm afraid I'll get in trouble. I don't know why I can't play with the big dog. I do wag my tail when I growl and snarl at the big dog. Aren't they supposed to understand that means I'm not really mad?
It's really humid here! My Mom can't stand to be outside more than a few minutes before she comes back in and hides in a cool basement. She keeps saying she prefers 110 degrees and 5% humidity in Tucson to this 80 degrees and 99% humidity. She says it's hard to breathe and has to take an extra bath a day to cool off. The heat and humidity is also making Himself grumpy. Bye now, Carly

Yo Carly!
So you've survived doggie jail only to come face to face with this little short person? Carly, you are a brave little pooch. I'll give ya that much. You're coping with a gigantic dog, you're maintaining the search for bunnies and chipmunks, and now you've got to be on alert for this mini human. You have got your paws full. Yet you tell me you have not rolled in anything since doggie jail? Not good, not good at all. You mustn't compromise your standards too much, you know! I say go for it...roll, Baby, roll!! Doggie jail might be better than dealing with a mini human.
Seems you may be carrying some baggage from your former life so naturally you don't find the growling game to be so much fun. It's really hard to find humans that speak dog or cat so be patient with them and over time you'll retrain them to your standards. It's no wonder you don't really feel comfortable playing with a dog that's three times your size. You could be squished like a bug in no time.
Humid, eh? Yeah, I'm sure Tucson would feel better about now. Keep Herself in the tub and maybe encourage Himself to down a couple shots of a cold refreshment, maybe with a touch of alkeehaul! You lessen the grumpy!
Hang in there, little buddy! Sister VC

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