Sunday, June 24, 2012


Seems every once in awhile I am reminded of how glad I am to be a cat.  I have it made in the shade, reside in a lovely home with Sistah Smudge and my 2 humans.  I get 2 squares a day, fresh water and all the munchies I can handle.  I take long naps, scout for bugs, keep an eye on the back yard birds, watch the front yard for walking dogs.  Granted I have had an issue recently with a strange cat inviting itself into my back yard and talking to me thru the patio door.  Of course, being the typical territorial creature that I am I growl, hiss and spit at the intruder doing my best to show who’s boss here.  Unfortunately, one of my humans is a sucker for any 4-legged critter so out goes a big dish of food every night.  I definitely do not approve but it seems to satisfy this cat and we never see it except once in awhile late at night.  Problem is now words out my human is always anxious to feed someone or something so next thing you know I discover a big gray cat lounging on my front sidewalk doing some bird watching.  Bottom line we’re just doing what cats do...maybe there’s an occasional little confrontation between a couple of us because we don’t know each other and like I said...we’re territorial.

Humans, on the other paw, have proven it goes way beyond territorial.  I’m not even sure just what you’d call this behavior besides bullying.  It’s sad. It makes me want to scratch something to shreds.  If I had my paws on a bully for just two seconds…oh, never mind that now.  You see just this past week I read 2 separate stories about bullying.  It seems you humans almost have an epidemic going on.  What I read made me cough up a hairball I was so sickened.

The first story concerned a grandmother in New York who played bus monitor for  middle school kids.  I would say brats but I’m hoping not every single kid on the bus was involved.  Seems there were four main in numbers?  One starts it, probably to show how brave he is, and as he leads the way his little buddies chime in.  The poor woman probably used every ounce of patience she could muster up so as to not haul off and whale the snot out of the first one she could reach.  The instigator was not at all brave but very, very stupid and we all know you can’t fix stupid don’t we?  But I hope a major lesson is learned by the little tarts and this never happens again.  How on earth can one start something like that and honestly believe it won’t come back to bite him in the butt?!  Stupid is as stupid does?  And yet others follow.  Little 7th grade woosies if you ask me.

They say kids grow up so fast...obviously some don’t.  By 7th grade you would think they’d know better.  Oh, and next thing to happen is a look at the parents and the fingers start pointing and here goes the blame game.  It’s always somebody else’s fault, right?  They’re just innocent little boys or girls, right?  Uh-huh and maybe a good swift kick in the pants is needed?  Or how about a good old-fashioned spanking?  I vote zero tolerance and good luck to the moms and dads who have had to endure the embarrassment that most likely resulted as this story started going everywhere thanks to the camera video one brat took, the availability of social media to spread it all over the internet, the news channels on TV, etc.  Kudos to the woman who held it together while going thru this ordeal and I have a feeling justice has been served to the little 7th grade bullies.  How smart do they feel now?
The other story I read went a bit better.  Two teeny-boppers thought they’d attack and taunt a woman jogging along minding her own business in a park.  A woman who just happened to know how to defend herself and consequently took the little shits down a notch until the authorities could deal with them.
This is ridiculous you know?  Kids committing suicide over being bullied…it is just so wrong.  It’s so sad.  Pull your little claws in people and be nice to others because one way or another it never pays to be mean.