Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Harmony vs Hate

I’m going to just say it like it is right now...I am glad to be feline! Don’t get me wrong for I’m grateful to have my good peeps that see to my every need, and, my life as it is, couldn’t be better.

However, as I compose this entry I have to admit how deeply disappointed I am in more than one member of the human race currently. I’m not even sure how to approach this so I’m just going to spit things out like the hairballs they are.

Originally I was upset when I read a fellow blogger’s entry regarding her being harassed while conducting tours in the small town where she lives. I’ve accompanied my typist on one of these tours and found it to be an educational and entertaining way to learn of the town’s past, taking a lovely night time stroll down very old streets, hearing about its history. A great tour given by a very sharp young lady with personality plus who deserves a lot of credit for her insightfulness and creativity in sharing this town’s stories with others. Sounds great, right?

Except somewhere along the way came some less than desirable individuals whose goal seems to be to ruin things for the rest of us. Or at least attempt to, but since the rest of us are capable of considering the sources and rising above the situation, they can’t really ruin anything for the rest of us.

Life will always have the hecklers, the stone throwers, the graffiti creeps, the name callers….what is it about human beings anyway? One is doing something worthwhile and another can’t stand it. Why? You bored? You think you’re funny, lacking attention, your mommy didn’t love you, your daddy beat you, just what is your trip anyway?

Where do you think this passive aggressive bulliness is going to get you anyway? Acting alone or in numbers you are nothing more than cowards doing cowardly acts that eventually will come to haunt you. You will someday feel the shame of these actions and regret these memories because that’s just the way life works.

So, like I said, that originally got my whiskers in a bunch and before I could blog about it, the world learned of a horrific reality in Tucson, AZ this past Saturday. To think a human being can do such things to other human beings, taking the lives of some and changing the lives of many others in a matter of moments, is completely unfathomable. A horrible twist of fate along life’s path suddenly creates a test of faith and a need for understanding.

It seems impossible to resist passing judgment or to point fingers in search for sense to any of it. Impossible because there simply is no sense to tragedy....and yet, in spite of it, we must keep faith in humanity, even when it doesn’t make sense. Equally as horrible as the situation was in Tucson, out of it comes many stories of heroic behavior from one human being to another….restoring some of that loss of faith.

I do feel a need to address another matter while I’m at it. I’m referring to the inhumane individual who calls himself a pastor from some hoe-down church of sorts establishment in Kansas. Truly a senseless monster of the unforgivable kind. Heaven forgive his followers for they are spineless rodents merely disguised as earthly beings. Frankly, I think they should all gather together in their place of worship and immediately be voted off the island now and forever more.