Sunday, July 3, 2011


Still trying to catch up with updates from Carly and the following may have jumped a day ahead or I've given up dating them from here on out. Obviously our days are all mixed up so we'll just say that's what a vacation is all about...NOT knowing what day it is. And recent reports seem to indicate there was a little fur getting riled up so read on...

Dear Sister:
Today has been very weird. Not much sleep last night because my Dad has a cold and coughed all night and my Mom cried all night. On top of that the storm went on most of the night. I don't like storms so I stayed cuddled up against Herself in the big bed. My Mom was ready to leave early this morning because of the mean things the other human woman said about me not being allowed in the same room anymore with the little human. She/we stayed but Mom has been sad all day. We've gone in to rooms and shut the door a lot. I've had to walk around on a leash with either my mom or dad a lot. That's okay because I thought they'd just stuff me in a room or in my crate. But they have just left the room whenever the little human enters. Mom or Dad sit for a long time with me on the porch or take a nap with me on the big bed so I am happy. I have looked and looked for the big horses today but they haven't been here. Dad took me for a long walk on the beach. I like the smells but not the water. I wish I knew what those little round jelly things are. Mom gave me a bath and then we took a nice long nap. I don't like baths even more than I dislike those wipes but my Mom thinks I smell good and it makes my fur fluffy so she'll pet me more and maybe that will make her smile again. Heavy Sighs from Carly

Dear Fluffy Carly,
You do sound troubled. Mom crying all day, Dad down with the sniffles...where oh where has the vacation gone to? Okay, stay calm. Let's try and think're not in your crate but stuck on your leash...obviously something has happened. What did you do, Carly? Or shall I say what are you being accused of here? Detective Sister Very Catty suspects your troubles have something to do with that little short person. Did I not warn you about that particular breed of humans? So, whatever happened, has instigated a cold war...literally...and Himself caught it...Mom's crying, stormy weather. Good times!
At least you got to go for a walk on the beach, had a nice bath which beats out the use of them wipes, you're fluffy...yeah, hang in're on a "roll" now. I must go and read more emails from you to get to the bottom of this vacation interruptus.
Sister VC

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