Sunday, July 10, 2011


So my typist took a day or two off and once again we're behind in reporting. It's like will we ever get this pooch back home again? Here's her latest check-in:

Dear Sister:
It's been a buzy few days since I last wrote. We left in the rolling home from the PA house, spent a night in a nice shady campground that had no internet and got into an area called She-Caw-Go yesterday. We are staying outside a house where people have two half-grown humans and one medium-sized dog named "Jessie". I like Jessie and she likes me. She doesn't like it much when the little girl human plays catch with me with Jessie's stuffed toy. I do like that. This yard has lots of chip-monks in it. I can smell them but I haven't seen one yet. There are lots of them though because we can hear them chirp at each other. I want one. I found an old bone of Jessie's and dug it up for her. She appreciated it. I also helped her keep the birds out of her back yard. She's just as good at scaring away birds as I am. I like Jessie. Jessie is a medium sized "Sheppard mix" who is also a rescued stray. She must have had a hard life too since it took her humans a long time to make her feel safe. Yesterday another dog came over to visit Jessie. His name is Rex and he liked me too. We ran and ran. He didn't bark much and neither does Jessie but they wrestle together a lot. They didn't wrestle with me but I think it was because they are both so much bigger than me. I did all the barking for them. They both run fast and I tried to keep up. Rex is also a stray that was rescued. He was mistreated too. He has the nicest owner. She brought Rex, Jessie and me some doggie ice cream. I've never had doggie ice cream. It was delicious. Mine was "Beef Sorbet". I want more of that wonderful treat and I heard my Mom say she will make some for me - Yeah!! We played for hours. I was so tired that I slept all evening and all night. I wish I lived near Jessie and Rex. Jessie has Chip Monks in her back yard. One of her people called them "chipmonkies". I like that term. I also liked their back yard. It was fenced in so my humans let me off my leash to run around. I guess they weren't afraid of getting lost because they ate so much they just sat around and talked.
Tonight we are in someplace called misory. I think it's a strange name for a place because it isn't miserable at all. It's green and they had so much rain they have lots of wonderful mud. I want to roll in it but my humans won't let me. By for now, Carly

Hi Carly,
Wow, you have been chalking up the miles again, haven't you? Back in the home on wheels! Hope you collected all your toys and wished Lilly good luck with that little human. Cool you made friends with Jessie and Rex and you're having a grand old time hunting chipmunks. Somehow your beef sorbet doesn't float my palate but how's about some 'tuna yogurt'? After all I do watch my waistline.
I think you mean Missouri as far as where they've docked the RV now. I don't advise rolling in the mud though. You do realize that should you roll in mud you are headed for a bath big time. No passing GO, no collecting $200, straight to the suds, baby! Then there's always the possibility that Mom wouldn't catch you right away and then you turn into one stiff dawg statue!!
Aw, go for it...I dare ya!
Sister Innocent VC

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