Thursday, July 14, 2011


Looks like this may be the final Carly report. As we type this she is probably basking in the Too-Sawn sunshine, free to roam about her own turf, completely content to be home again. Her report is from yesterday:

Hello Sister VC:
Not home yet. Tonight we are in a place called Falagstave. I think it's in our home state but unlike Too-Sawn. It's downright chilly here. There are a lot of tall trees and I had to search to find a spot of sunshine so I could warm myself. My Mom dusted me off and said I am going to have to be wiped again before she'll let me sleep in her bed with her. I don't like those wipes but at least I didn't get scolded. I saw a bunny this morning before we left Santafay. It was a big bunny and I wanted it. I think there may be bunnies here too but I haven't seen any. I did see a couple of sqwerls. I think there may be more.
Today we stopped at some place called a pet-ra-fried forrest. I'm not sure why they called it that since it really didn't seem to have anything to do with pets. I only saw one other doggie and no cats. There were a whole lot of rocks though. Many were peed on. I peed on one. I know I'm a girl doggie but I'm pretty good at peeing like a boy doggie. I just rest my foot on whatever it is and it works out pretty good. My typist says that talking about pee isn't polite but then, for some reason, she thinks butt sniffing isn't right either. Humans have too many hang-ups!
Since tomorrow I will be home and this is essentially the last day of my travels, I thought I'd tell you about some of the other animals that I've seen but I forgot to mention. The most odd one is called gooz or gyz. I don't know why humans sometimes call them gooz and other times gyz. They are really big birds, like the ducks I told you about before but much, much bigger and they don't quack like the ducks, they honk like a car. They also have a really bad attitude. They scare me. We saw some flying over too and the humans called them gyz. I couldn't tell if they were the same things I saw on the ground because they were too far up. I also saw pelly-cans and gulz at the beach. They and a cute little bird run in and out of the waves and fly over diving down and scooping the water. I didn't get close enough to know if they are friendly. I think they were eating the crabs because after they left we saw a bunch of half eaten crabs. I told you about the crabs. I also saw some little things that look like tiny rocks that the waves wash in and then they wiggle (rocks that wiggle!) down into the sand as fast as they can. They are called kalams. Mom tried to get me interested in them by holding one in front of my nose but I don't eat rocks even if they do smell like fish.
Well, I'm going to sign off now. Tomorrow I will be back home and laying in the sun as much as possible. I probably won't see any animals other than the ones I usually see in my back yard: Lee-Zards and sqwerls. I hope you enjoyed traveling with me. Love, Carly

Thanks for taking me with you, Carly! Stay in touch...Sister VC

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