Monday, May 24, 2010


Just where to begin this entry is the question...after a brief and unscheduled absence. Could start with a wise crack about how it's all water under the bridge now but that might not fly since there seemed to be a bit of a "water shortage" amongst us!

How about you can lead a horse (or human) to water but you can't make them drink??!

Let's see a raise of hands here...if we hold up a big tall glass of cool refreshing water in one paw and in the other hold up an ice cold 12 oz. can of Coca-Cola...which would my human go for? Well, everyone that knows my human also knows it would be the can of coke paws down! Unfortunately, had my human been feline I'm pretty certain a couple of those 9 lives would have been spent a couple weeks ago.

Yeah, here I am trying to run a cool cat blog and due to the fact that computers do not come with paw-friendly keyboards I am stuck having to employ the assistance of said human. Now grant you I am always fed on a timely basis, I even get extra if I insist on it, I have yummy munchies available at all times in two locations, as well as, fresh water daily in three locations so my complaints regarding my humans would be very minimal...until recently. You see we had us a little incident occur in our normally quiet, peaceful abode and all due to the simple fact that while I always have fresh water, aforementioned human seems to neglect to partake of said fluids. Consequently when my human goes down for the count bad things can result such as my cat box doesn't get tended to, there's a severe lack of back scratches, my blog gets neglected, and dumb ass human gets a concussion and a black eye complete with stitches. Can we say it's hard to get good help these days?

So while the Coca-Cola flowed freely around here it simply wasn't the right thing to keep my human upright. Lucky for that human to have the other human at home at the time to take care of the situation. Said situation involved a 911 call, a rather uncomfortable ride to a hospital where upon human was forced fluids. Yep, our human was pretty darn dried up in spite of all the Coca-Cola previously consumed.

Finally Dummy came back around and began to once again feel more human but a wee bit disgruntled regarding the entire ordeal. Something about complaining the escort to the hospital in 'that metal box of torture' being very uncomfortable, the intimidation of 6 or 7 paramedics bombarding the scene, and then top it off with having to stay the night in a place this human would rather never know existed. It seems being dehydrated causes one's veins to shy away from IV insertion which resulted in multiple pricks with search needles which resulted in rather large black and blue fields up and down the arms and hands so that was a mite disconcerting. By the time all was said and done my human was actually quite colorful between the shiner and all the bruises. Perhaps someone should warn human not to pass out in the bathroom where it becomes human versus the porcelain goddess. She wins every time but we won't bring that up again, will we?

Anyone feeling parched out there?