Friday, July 8, 2011


Looks like our traveling pooch made it back from the beach house...

Dear Sister:

We have now arrived back at the house in PA. Lilly isn't back yet. I think I miss her but I hope when she returns she understands I'm boss even if it is her house. The little human is sick and not sleeping at night so everyone has to whisper. It works out well though because my Mom caught my Dad's cold and she can't talk above a whisper anyway. Yesterday I had a new adventure and met a new creature. It was black and white with a big fluffy tail. It looked like a short fat kitty cat. I don't know what it was but as soon as my Dad saw it he started pulling me in the other direction. He called it a "ss-cunc". It tried to follow us back to the house but soon turned and waddled off in the other direction. I think it looked interesting and would like to have met it but my Dad said no I wouldn't! I don't know why. Hope I meet another one when no one has a hold of the other end of my rope. I also saw a bunny yesterday. I tried to chase it but it ran into the the woods and I ran out of rope. I kinda hate that rope but it does keep my humans from getting lost. Bye for now, Carly

Yo Carly!

My close attention here!!! That new creature you're lucky you didn't catch wind of it! Sounds like a skunk to me. I know they do sort of look like a big fluffy kitty but trust me...they are to be avoided at all costs. Better stick to the bunnies. Skunks are stinky in ways you do not want to imagine and I'm afraid if you ever did close in on one you'd be facing not only the wipes you hate, but you'd be in for a major scrubbing in the bathtub...and you know how much you hate that. So if you ever come across another one of them critters just think bath and run the other way.
Hmm, little dude is sick, eh? That's too bad but maybe this way you'll be able to escape that part of the vacation without further incidents. Too bad Dad had to share that cold with Mom. You poor pooch...all them snotty humans...
Sign me glad to be a cat, Sister Very CATTY

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