Tuesday, July 5, 2011

THE CARLY REPORT - July, 2011-Cont'd

As Carly was reporting...

So while at this beach house we had some other people join us. They were okay peoples. They are half-grown kids called teenagers. One plays with me. They all seem to bury their noses in their laptops though. For hours at a time too. One day a few of the teenagers went to play in the big water across the sand. My Mom went with them as all the other adults except my Dad went to the store. It was hot out there. I liked smelling the stuff that washed up from the big water, like shells, 'c-weed' and some round jelly like things. I was not impressed by them but the teenagers were. They caught a little crab but no one let me have one. I wanted it.
Today we went back along the bouncy beach and did some 'turring'. That means we went to a lighthouse. Some of the people climbed up to the top and waved down at us. Mom and Dad did not climb. Mom said it had 'too-hun-dread' more steps than she would climb without having a heart attack. She's old you know and really needs to lose weight, but she wasn't the only one who had to stay on the ground. Then we went to some place where some people called the 'Right Brothers' took a short flight. It was cool inside the building there. No pets are allowed but my Mom put me in my carry-on bag and asked the lady behind the desk if I could be carried in it. She was nice and allowed me to stay in the cool building with my Mom and Dad. It was REALLY hot outside. The humans collected a lot of that smelly water in their clothes. Since that seems to be their goal it should have made them happy but instead they were grumpy. My Dad was REALLY grumpy and it was probably his cold. That and my Mom said it was also all the 'tur-af-ick'. It is very bad here and seems to take hours to get anywhere. And that's on the real roads, not the sand. Everybody's grumpy.
Mom says it's the first time she really understood the phrase "it's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live here".
When we got back to the beach house a thunderstorm hit. I remember it from that place in 'R-can-saw' and it scared me. I tried to stick as close as I could to my Mom but the little human here pulled her hand and she followed him around as he played. I followed her as close as I could and the little human kept turning back and seeing me as I ran. I've tried really hard to get along with this little human. He doesn't pet me like other humans do. He hits me. He hits the big dog too but the big dog doesn't seem to mind. I have scars on my back and hip area from the nasty humans who used to own me and it does bother me so I try my hardest to avoid him. He gets my toys, holds them out for me to take them and then jerks back as I reach for them. I've even been very good about that though. I don't like it when he reaches for my toys when I have them stashed under the table. I lift my lip to try and tell him that. He doesn't seem to understand so my Mom took all my toys and put them in my cage in their room. She doesn't shut them in there, she just keeps taking them back. I don't mind that much because the little human doesn't go in there much and when he does she redirects him out so my toys stay.
Tonight there was a horrible incident while I was trying to stay close to my Mom for the thunderstorm. While she stopped to tickle the little human in the hallway I tried to get in our bedroom where my Dad was but he had shut the door. I waited outside the door like I'm expected to and all of a sudden the little human came running up and kicked me. I was cowered in the corner. My Mom saw it all as she was chasing the little human. I reacted in the only way I know how to protect myself. It was how I protected myself in my previous home. I snapped at the little human. I pinched his skin but I didn't break the skin. He cried and everyone came running. I said I was sorry and turned belly up. My Mom told me that biting was a bad dog thing but she didn't hit me like my former owners did. She opened the door so I could go in with my Dad. Pretty soon my Mom comes into the bedroom and cries and cries and cries. Seems the other female human said something that made her very sad. Later I learned that it was that I would not be allowed near the little human. That's okay with me but it made my Mom cry. She cried so much she couldn't eat her dinner even after she had taken her 'die-a-bet-ick' shot. She wants to go home now, feels things are negative here and I just don't know what that means.
Mom finally typed all this for you but says her brain just isn't working well but I think it's because her eyes leaked out all that salty water. It must have been brain food because I think her brain is starving now.
More later, Carly

Hello Carly,
You know, I have a feeling that while vacations are a fun thing, the other side of that is there's no place like home. I'll bet anything you all are looking forward to being home again.
Now I have to do what I do and that's be perfectly blunt here. You were definitely being mistreated by this mini human. Teasing you with your own toys...what nerve! I suppose his owners thought that was acceptable behavior, perhaps cute or something. Myself am not a fan of the little humans so I get really upset when I learn of a bad one that does not comprehend discipline. Unless the little human is unfamiliar with discipline, then one really can't blame it all on him. The fact that the incident had your Mom so upset to the point of crying tells me this is most likely an undisciplined little character. He may have not heard the word 'NO' enough to know what it means. Bottom line...this is completely unacceptable behavior out of any human no matter what size they happen to be or how many months or years they are!!!
So hang in there, Carly and I'll see you in the next email.
Sister VC

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