Sunday, July 31, 2011


Oh, who the hell knows deal or no deal, but now that I've got your attention...there are other ceiling debts to be raised around here, such as the munchies in my bowl and maybe another 2 inches of litter in my cat box. Grimly speaking though I've recently been discussing the human's current state of affairs with some cool cat friends of mine up in D.C. It's a unified feeling among us that this whole circus needs some new clowns. The juggling acts aren't doing so good either. Talk about out of balance or was that budget? Looks like with all the Boehneromics going on they'll be needing a bigger tent.

Let's see a show of paws out many of us are really fed up with hearing the same old sh** every day on the news? Same old terminology from almost every direction...debt...ceiling...debate...tea party! So tea party this and GOP that, we've got one TV host in a heated clash with a Senator, another one banning a tea party Rep from his show, and all this while the public is still getting over no more Oprah. Then it's another round of 'we'll close the deal'...'no, we're not'...yes, we are' wait, we're not. Just what the caucus is going on? So many words, so little worth.

Speaking of words, the name calling must be yet another circus line read 'unappeasable right-wing radicals' so I lean towards picturing a great big elephant trying to balance on a small ball while his trainer tells him which way to roll. Mustn't leave out them hoity-toity left-wingers either...wouldn't be fair to not let the asses babble on a ball too. So here you have your right-wingers and your left-wingers...yep, sounds just like a 2-ringer circus to us cats.

So happy to be a cat, I am, I am. I'll stick to the good words like shredded ocean white fish in sauce, savory salmon bits in gravy, tuna flavored munchies, meow, meow, meow.

Blessing World,
Sister VC

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Looks like this may be the final Carly report. As we type this she is probably basking in the Too-Sawn sunshine, free to roam about her own turf, completely content to be home again. Her report is from yesterday:

Hello Sister VC:
Not home yet. Tonight we are in a place called Falagstave. I think it's in our home state but unlike Too-Sawn. It's downright chilly here. There are a lot of tall trees and I had to search to find a spot of sunshine so I could warm myself. My Mom dusted me off and said I am going to have to be wiped again before she'll let me sleep in her bed with her. I don't like those wipes but at least I didn't get scolded. I saw a bunny this morning before we left Santafay. It was a big bunny and I wanted it. I think there may be bunnies here too but I haven't seen any. I did see a couple of sqwerls. I think there may be more.
Today we stopped at some place called a pet-ra-fried forrest. I'm not sure why they called it that since it really didn't seem to have anything to do with pets. I only saw one other doggie and no cats. There were a whole lot of rocks though. Many were peed on. I peed on one. I know I'm a girl doggie but I'm pretty good at peeing like a boy doggie. I just rest my foot on whatever it is and it works out pretty good. My typist says that talking about pee isn't polite but then, for some reason, she thinks butt sniffing isn't right either. Humans have too many hang-ups!
Since tomorrow I will be home and this is essentially the last day of my travels, I thought I'd tell you about some of the other animals that I've seen but I forgot to mention. The most odd one is called gooz or gyz. I don't know why humans sometimes call them gooz and other times gyz. They are really big birds, like the ducks I told you about before but much, much bigger and they don't quack like the ducks, they honk like a car. They also have a really bad attitude. They scare me. We saw some flying over too and the humans called them gyz. I couldn't tell if they were the same things I saw on the ground because they were too far up. I also saw pelly-cans and gulz at the beach. They and a cute little bird run in and out of the waves and fly over diving down and scooping the water. I didn't get close enough to know if they are friendly. I think they were eating the crabs because after they left we saw a bunch of half eaten crabs. I told you about the crabs. I also saw some little things that look like tiny rocks that the waves wash in and then they wiggle (rocks that wiggle!) down into the sand as fast as they can. They are called kalams. Mom tried to get me interested in them by holding one in front of my nose but I don't eat rocks even if they do smell like fish.
Well, I'm going to sign off now. Tomorrow I will be back home and laying in the sun as much as possible. I probably won't see any animals other than the ones I usually see in my back yard: Lee-Zards and sqwerls. I hope you enjoyed traveling with me. Love, Carly

Thanks for taking me with you, Carly! Stay in touch...Sister VC

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Carly and Crew made it to New Mexico and here's what she had to report:

Dear Sister:
Tonight we are in a place called Santafay. It's cool and nice here. Much better than the last few places. We even got a little rain this evening which really cooled things down. We got here early so my Mom could go see some church and a stairway. I don't see what the big deal with it was but then I had been shoved into that carrying bag because they don't let doggies walk in and my humans refuse to leave me in the car because even though it was cooler here it was still too hot to be in a parked car. I don't much like the carrying bag but it beats being roasted to death in the car. They let me out as soon as we got out of the church. Do you know why the churches don't allow critters in? I know God loves us so it seems to me the churches should too.
We are in a pretty good RV park. It has lots of trees so I think there may be squirrels and bunnies although I haven't seen any yet. All for now, Carly

Hello Carly,

Santa Fe's weather sounds better than some of those other hot spots you've visited. I bet the church and staircase your folks went to see is "The Loretto Chapel". Sorry you had to go via the bag but it was still better than baking in a vehicle.
The staircase you probably didn't see is very famous. History tells us that when the Chapel was completed back in 1878, there was no way to get up to the choir which was 22 feet above. The carpenters that were asked for advice would only suggest using a tall enough ladder. Otherwise, building a real staircase would be too big for the small sized Chapel. So the Sisters of the Chapel decided to make a Novena (9 days & lots of prayers) to St. Joseph who was the patron saint of carpenters. Brilliant move on the Sister's part! So on the 9th and final day of prayer, a man appeared with his donkey and a tool box and said he was looking for work. Then a few months later, a most beautiful and elegant circular staircase was completed. The carpenter had disappeared and never even got paid for his labor. They even searched with an ad in the local newspaper and no trace of him was ever found. It's very possible that the Sisters had their prayers answered with their carpenter being St. Joseph. The staircase has two 360 degree turns and nothing seems to be holding it up. No nails were found, only wooden pegs.

Carly, I see absolutely no excuse for keeping God's little creatures out of church. Only conclusion I can come up with is the old "poo" issue but then they allow itty bitty humans in diapers to come in, so that makes no sense. Maybe we should start our own congregation for the four-footed sinners and worshipers.

So, are you home yet? Sister VC

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Carly's traveled many more miles and here is her latest:

Dear Sister:
I haven't written you for a couple of days. My Mom didn't have some kinda connection to her typer thing. She said she needed a Why-Fie. I don't know what that is since sometimes she can type for me without adding anything to the typer thing.

We've spent a couple extremely hot days in a place called Witch-A-Taw. My Mom has lots of family there. They were having some kind of heat wave and it got to be 112 degrees but it was much hotter than the 112 we see in Too-Sawn. I panted but it didn't help and my humans dripped that wet stuff that stinks!! Can you explain why humans do that?

We visited one of my Mom's litter-mates and then the rest of her litter-mates came over. She has 4 litter-mates and they all have litters of their own. It was CRAZY. My Mom's litter-mate has 2 doggies and another dog she was "dog-sitting" with. Don't know what that means. The dogs were a big red retriever named "Rolo", a doxie named "Rocko" and a Boston Terrie named "Cleo". I liked Rolo right away and he liked me. He's really old and doesn't play but he also doesn't fight. Cleo didn't like me at first and tried to back me down but I stood my ground and we became friends. The last day there I made friends with Rocko. I like Rocko and she (yup, she's a girl named Rocko - her people like to laugh about that) likes me. Rocko actually played with me and I played with her. We ran and ran through the house and barked and "boxed". I wagged my tail so she'd know I was playing. My Mom had never seen me play and she and her litter-mate were happy and laughed at me. My humans kept me on the leash a lot there. I think it was because there were soooo many other litters there and they were afraid of getting lost. I didn't play with many of the kids but one of the humans out of the grown litters had just come back from someplace called a "wore-in-i-rack". He has something called Pee-Tee-Ess-Dee and seemed to need a lot of love. I helped him out.

When my doggie friends were in the basement because there were too many people and Rocko bites people, I sat with the human from the grown litter and let him pet and pet me. I think it helped. I have a silky coat and I even let him pet my freckled belly. My freckled belly always makes humans feel better. I liked him. I also liked the litter-mate whose house we were parked at. She likes doggies and likes me. She also said she likes kitties too but doesn't have any right now. Another litter-mate did have a kitty that she rescued. I heard her telling my Mom about her. The kitty's human had died because she was really old and the grown litter didn't like cats so they kicked the kitty out. The kitty had no claws so she couldn't defend herself and didn't even know how to hunt to feed herself. My human's litter-mate now has her and calls her "Fat Cat" because she is no longer skinny. Can you tell me why some humans are so mean to little animals like cats and dogs?

It was really hard to sleep in the tin can the humans call an RV because it was sooo hot the aire condishuner couldn't even help. My Dad went out several times and sprayed the outside and top with water. It's like they made their own rain! I've been hit with the water out of the hose before and I don't like it. It did help cool things down though. My people also let me sleep up between their pillows where it was cooler than between them or at the foot of the bed, which are usually my choices. All for now, Carly

PS: I forgot to tell you that tonight we are in someplace called "A-mare-i-o. It's in Texas although no where near where we were previously. It's better here. it isn't as hot. Okay, so it's hot but the humans don't leak as much. We walked down to a store where my humans got some ice cream bars. The guy let me in the store but said I had to watch out for the cats. He said they didn't like little dogs and would shred me with their claws. I didn't see any cats in the store but when we went outside there was a big yellow one under a bench. It was just laying there. it didn't run, it didn't hiss or anything. I wanted to play with it but think my Mom was afraid it would shred her because she kept the leash so tight I couldn't get to the cat. How can you tell if a cat wants to play or shred? At least she gave me a taste of the ice cream. Bye now.

Dear Carly,
Good to hear from you again. I's funny to hear it's hot almost everywhere you've traveled. Makes me laugh when I think of all the so-called "snowbirds" who flock to Arizona for the winter and skedaddle for summer to escape the heat...and now it's a much hotter hot where they return to than in Arizona. Besides, snowbirds aren't even real birds at all. They can't even fly.

I don't know exactly what the Why-fie thing is either but maybe my typist does. Then again when I see her 2-finger pecking on her typer...nah, she probably doesn't have a clue.

Bummer on your aire condishuner situation. As far as the humans leaking that stinky odor it happens when they get over heated, I guess. I'm not sure's just a weird human thing. That's why it's good they have showers and bathtubs to get rid of the odor and cool off. Carly, you might reconsider the bath would cool you off. Myself, of course, have a self-cleaning tongue and therefore not only do I not leak an odor, I don't require that human method of cleaning either.

I bet you had a great time with your new doggie friends but you were probably also happy to escape all those humans in one spot at one time. They sounded like good humans though and obviously critter-friendly. I don't know why some humans are sometimes bad to us critters, Carly but I do know there is something humans call "KARMA" and they will someday be punished for being bad.

As far as how to tell if a cat is in the mood for playing or me - Rule of Paw - it is best to avoid the cat. Just trust they'd probably rather shred you than play with you unless it's a cat that belongs to a nice human. Kittens would probably play after they hissed at you. But big cats...not necessarily playful, especially with a strange member of canine distinction.
Okay, you're almost home...Sister VC

Sunday, July 10, 2011


So my typist took a day or two off and once again we're behind in reporting. It's like will we ever get this pooch back home again? Here's her latest check-in:

Dear Sister:
It's been a buzy few days since I last wrote. We left in the rolling home from the PA house, spent a night in a nice shady campground that had no internet and got into an area called She-Caw-Go yesterday. We are staying outside a house where people have two half-grown humans and one medium-sized dog named "Jessie". I like Jessie and she likes me. She doesn't like it much when the little girl human plays catch with me with Jessie's stuffed toy. I do like that. This yard has lots of chip-monks in it. I can smell them but I haven't seen one yet. There are lots of them though because we can hear them chirp at each other. I want one. I found an old bone of Jessie's and dug it up for her. She appreciated it. I also helped her keep the birds out of her back yard. She's just as good at scaring away birds as I am. I like Jessie. Jessie is a medium sized "Sheppard mix" who is also a rescued stray. She must have had a hard life too since it took her humans a long time to make her feel safe. Yesterday another dog came over to visit Jessie. His name is Rex and he liked me too. We ran and ran. He didn't bark much and neither does Jessie but they wrestle together a lot. They didn't wrestle with me but I think it was because they are both so much bigger than me. I did all the barking for them. They both run fast and I tried to keep up. Rex is also a stray that was rescued. He was mistreated too. He has the nicest owner. She brought Rex, Jessie and me some doggie ice cream. I've never had doggie ice cream. It was delicious. Mine was "Beef Sorbet". I want more of that wonderful treat and I heard my Mom say she will make some for me - Yeah!! We played for hours. I was so tired that I slept all evening and all night. I wish I lived near Jessie and Rex. Jessie has Chip Monks in her back yard. One of her people called them "chipmonkies". I like that term. I also liked their back yard. It was fenced in so my humans let me off my leash to run around. I guess they weren't afraid of getting lost because they ate so much they just sat around and talked.
Tonight we are in someplace called misory. I think it's a strange name for a place because it isn't miserable at all. It's green and they had so much rain they have lots of wonderful mud. I want to roll in it but my humans won't let me. By for now, Carly

Hi Carly,
Wow, you have been chalking up the miles again, haven't you? Back in the home on wheels! Hope you collected all your toys and wished Lilly good luck with that little human. Cool you made friends with Jessie and Rex and you're having a grand old time hunting chipmunks. Somehow your beef sorbet doesn't float my palate but how's about some 'tuna yogurt'? After all I do watch my waistline.
I think you mean Missouri as far as where they've docked the RV now. I don't advise rolling in the mud though. You do realize that should you roll in mud you are headed for a bath big time. No passing GO, no collecting $200, straight to the suds, baby! Then there's always the possibility that Mom wouldn't catch you right away and then you turn into one stiff dawg statue!!
Aw, go for it...I dare ya!
Sister Innocent VC

Friday, July 8, 2011


Looks like our traveling pooch made it back from the beach house...

Dear Sister:

We have now arrived back at the house in PA. Lilly isn't back yet. I think I miss her but I hope when she returns she understands I'm boss even if it is her house. The little human is sick and not sleeping at night so everyone has to whisper. It works out well though because my Mom caught my Dad's cold and she can't talk above a whisper anyway. Yesterday I had a new adventure and met a new creature. It was black and white with a big fluffy tail. It looked like a short fat kitty cat. I don't know what it was but as soon as my Dad saw it he started pulling me in the other direction. He called it a "ss-cunc". It tried to follow us back to the house but soon turned and waddled off in the other direction. I think it looked interesting and would like to have met it but my Dad said no I wouldn't! I don't know why. Hope I meet another one when no one has a hold of the other end of my rope. I also saw a bunny yesterday. I tried to chase it but it ran into the the woods and I ran out of rope. I kinda hate that rope but it does keep my humans from getting lost. Bye for now, Carly

Yo Carly!

My close attention here!!! That new creature you're lucky you didn't catch wind of it! Sounds like a skunk to me. I know they do sort of look like a big fluffy kitty but trust me...they are to be avoided at all costs. Better stick to the bunnies. Skunks are stinky in ways you do not want to imagine and I'm afraid if you ever did close in on one you'd be facing not only the wipes you hate, but you'd be in for a major scrubbing in the bathtub...and you know how much you hate that. So if you ever come across another one of them critters just think bath and run the other way.
Hmm, little dude is sick, eh? That's too bad but maybe this way you'll be able to escape that part of the vacation without further incidents. Too bad Dad had to share that cold with Mom. You poor pooch...all them snotty humans...
Sign me glad to be a cat, Sister Very CATTY

Thursday, July 7, 2011


In this report our traveling pooch describes a bit more of the beach house where everyone stayed while in the 'outer banks'. Their plan was to stay until the 4th of July and then head back to Pennsylvania until time to head west again.

Hello My Feline Friend,

I thought I'd tell you some more about where we are in the outer banks. We are over three miles from where the road ends. Like I explained before we have to drive down the beach to get here. That is both fun and frightening all at the same time. They will never put a road through here because this end of the outer banks has wild horses. The horses live on the doonz and they are beautiful. This morning we had 4 adult mares, one of which was pregnant and one baby horse hanging out in what could be considered the back yard of this place. There is a law against getting closer than 50 feet from the wild horses but they were only about five feet from the decks off the back of the house. Once again I will mention how short my leash is, otherwise I would have loved making friends with these huge critters.
The beach is beautiful. I really like the beach but not the ocean. It reminds me of baths. I don't like baths.
The house is on the beach, about 100 human feet from the ocean with the doonz I told you about, between here and the beach. It's a 2-story house on top of piers that make it look like a 3-story house. The bottom has a garage and storage rooms, a bathroom and a shower beside the pool. Shower is literally a wooden enclosure with wooden floor and bench and a shower fixture on the wall. Pretty cool for humans but I avoid it! They can wash off beach sand before coming up but for the most part they just hit the pool to wash it off. It has 6 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. The living room is what humans call a "great room" arrangement with a dining table big enough for 10 humans, 3 down each side and 2 on the ends. For some reason they still feed me on the floor but that's okay as long as I get to eat. There is one bedroom that has two sets of bunk beds, one bedroom that has a full size bed and one set of bunk beds. The rest all have king-sized beds even though some rooms aren't big enough to accommodate a king. My crate is in the closet and I get to share time between there (for my own little space) and Mom and Dad's bed. The bed is so high I have trouble getting in it so Mom pushed a rocking chair up to the foot of the bed so I can climb up in stages.
Yesterday I rode along with my humans down the bumpy beach and went into town. I met a nice dog and a nice lady at a dog shop. A whole shop dedicated just to doggies and doggie lovers. My humans bought me a collapsible bowl to drink water out of instead of the 'ol butter dish I usually use.
I hadn't seen the horse in a couple days but one came by today. They are very big, even the baby one, but do seem peaceful. We leave the beach house tomorrow and drive back to the house in Pin-sill-vane-yah. I haven't seen Lilly in a week. My Mom says she hopes I get along better with her. I think I will if she's gotten any smaller. She's big. She always wants to play but I don't. Therefore, when I tell Lilly I don't want to play with my sharp bark, people think I don't like her. I try to wag my tail to tell them I do but I just don't want to play. I've found that people often don't understand what doggies are saying. Do they understand what kitties are saying? Bye now, Carly

Hi Carly! scored a good water bowl and you've been able to hold on to your real estate on the folk's bed. Good girl! The beach house certainly sounds fun, especially with the sights you were able to see. Rolling in the dry sand, watching horses, avoiding that mega bathtub called ocean, you've had quite a vacation. Better you than me. I can't stand to ride in a moving vehicle so I'm a homebody. I can't even take walks with my humans. I mean c'mon on undignified to follow along on a leash with a human attached to it at the other end!! I refuse to even think about such a thing. I'm glad you've had fun though and shared it with us.
Now don't get your hopes up about Lilly getting smaller cuz it's never gonna happen. Maybe when Lilly comes around just pretend you're sound asleep. You're right about people not speaking or understanding doggie lingo or kitty lingo. You and I both know they are two very distinctly different languages too. I'm lucky in that my human speaks and understands cat and dog...and occasional profanity.
Okay, you have a good trip back to that other place and I'll watch for your next report. I think we've about caught up with your emails.
Sister VC

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

THE CARLY REPORT - July, 2011-Cont'd

As Carly was reporting...

So while at this beach house we had some other people join us. They were okay peoples. They are half-grown kids called teenagers. One plays with me. They all seem to bury their noses in their laptops though. For hours at a time too. One day a few of the teenagers went to play in the big water across the sand. My Mom went with them as all the other adults except my Dad went to the store. It was hot out there. I liked smelling the stuff that washed up from the big water, like shells, 'c-weed' and some round jelly like things. I was not impressed by them but the teenagers were. They caught a little crab but no one let me have one. I wanted it.
Today we went back along the bouncy beach and did some 'turring'. That means we went to a lighthouse. Some of the people climbed up to the top and waved down at us. Mom and Dad did not climb. Mom said it had 'too-hun-dread' more steps than she would climb without having a heart attack. She's old you know and really needs to lose weight, but she wasn't the only one who had to stay on the ground. Then we went to some place where some people called the 'Right Brothers' took a short flight. It was cool inside the building there. No pets are allowed but my Mom put me in my carry-on bag and asked the lady behind the desk if I could be carried in it. She was nice and allowed me to stay in the cool building with my Mom and Dad. It was REALLY hot outside. The humans collected a lot of that smelly water in their clothes. Since that seems to be their goal it should have made them happy but instead they were grumpy. My Dad was REALLY grumpy and it was probably his cold. That and my Mom said it was also all the 'tur-af-ick'. It is very bad here and seems to take hours to get anywhere. And that's on the real roads, not the sand. Everybody's grumpy.
Mom says it's the first time she really understood the phrase "it's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live here".
When we got back to the beach house a thunderstorm hit. I remember it from that place in 'R-can-saw' and it scared me. I tried to stick as close as I could to my Mom but the little human here pulled her hand and she followed him around as he played. I followed her as close as I could and the little human kept turning back and seeing me as I ran. I've tried really hard to get along with this little human. He doesn't pet me like other humans do. He hits me. He hits the big dog too but the big dog doesn't seem to mind. I have scars on my back and hip area from the nasty humans who used to own me and it does bother me so I try my hardest to avoid him. He gets my toys, holds them out for me to take them and then jerks back as I reach for them. I've even been very good about that though. I don't like it when he reaches for my toys when I have them stashed under the table. I lift my lip to try and tell him that. He doesn't seem to understand so my Mom took all my toys and put them in my cage in their room. She doesn't shut them in there, she just keeps taking them back. I don't mind that much because the little human doesn't go in there much and when he does she redirects him out so my toys stay.
Tonight there was a horrible incident while I was trying to stay close to my Mom for the thunderstorm. While she stopped to tickle the little human in the hallway I tried to get in our bedroom where my Dad was but he had shut the door. I waited outside the door like I'm expected to and all of a sudden the little human came running up and kicked me. I was cowered in the corner. My Mom saw it all as she was chasing the little human. I reacted in the only way I know how to protect myself. It was how I protected myself in my previous home. I snapped at the little human. I pinched his skin but I didn't break the skin. He cried and everyone came running. I said I was sorry and turned belly up. My Mom told me that biting was a bad dog thing but she didn't hit me like my former owners did. She opened the door so I could go in with my Dad. Pretty soon my Mom comes into the bedroom and cries and cries and cries. Seems the other female human said something that made her very sad. Later I learned that it was that I would not be allowed near the little human. That's okay with me but it made my Mom cry. She cried so much she couldn't eat her dinner even after she had taken her 'die-a-bet-ick' shot. She wants to go home now, feels things are negative here and I just don't know what that means.
Mom finally typed all this for you but says her brain just isn't working well but I think it's because her eyes leaked out all that salty water. It must have been brain food because I think her brain is starving now.
More later, Carly

Hello Carly,
You know, I have a feeling that while vacations are a fun thing, the other side of that is there's no place like home. I'll bet anything you all are looking forward to being home again.
Now I have to do what I do and that's be perfectly blunt here. You were definitely being mistreated by this mini human. Teasing you with your own toys...what nerve! I suppose his owners thought that was acceptable behavior, perhaps cute or something. Myself am not a fan of the little humans so I get really upset when I learn of a bad one that does not comprehend discipline. Unless the little human is unfamiliar with discipline, then one really can't blame it all on him. The fact that the incident had your Mom so upset to the point of crying tells me this is most likely an undisciplined little character. He may have not heard the word 'NO' enough to know what it means. Bottom line...this is completely unacceptable behavior out of any human no matter what size they happen to be or how many months or years they are!!!
So hang in there, Carly and I'll see you in the next email.
Sister VC


Here we have plenty of adventure to read about as Carly describes what she's seen and what she has had to put up with along the vacationing way. As previously explained, we've lost all track of sequence with her vacation travels but it seems she has been taken on another trip along with mass quantities of humans to a beach house somewhere. This was a rather lengthy email that I will divide into a couple chapters, so to meow. Eventually we learn the cause of her being held captive via the short leash so read on...

Dear Feline Sister Friend:
Sorry to not write for some time. A lot has gone on and I certainly need a friend like you about now. I don't know what day I last wrote you or even what day of vacation we're on now. Lots of mumbo jumbo in my Mom's brain right now and she ain't up to figurin' it out. We left the people's house in PA on Saturday (probably the 25th) and drove all day to get to this place called 'the outer banks'. Don't know what that means but it's this huge house on a beach. The house is right over some high sand hills called 'doonz'. The doonz have some tall sharp grass on them and between them is some shorter, but still sharp grass. It's not like the grass at home that I can roll in. It's tall and sharp and has a lot of sand between the patches. Someone put these things up that look like fences but they don't close off anything. My Mom said they were to keep and build the doonz. The sand is white and very, very fine. There is sand all through the big house, on all the furniture and I didn't do it. Humans bring this sand into the house on their feet, clothes (which I still don't know why they wear such things - I think it's because they like to hang on to some of that salty, smelly water that their bodies ooze in this place) and everything. I don't roll in the sand but I do turn over for a belly rub in it. It's clingy and hot but I like it. There are lots of big birds here. People call them "Pelly-cans" and little birds they call "sand-pipers". I chase them but they don't play with me.
Yesterday I saw something wonderful. I saw a 'horse' up close. There are lots of wild horses on this beach. They roam free. I saw two adult horses and one baby horse. These guys are HUGE! I saw them before at a distance and thought they were just big bunnies. They aren't bunnies at all and there is no way I will ever chase one. I saw them just the other side of the doonz fence. I won't even bark at them. Did I mention they are HUGE? They don't seem to be aggressive although I did see two of them (Mom called them 's-al-ee-yuns' fighting on the beach. They bite with teeth and kick. Weird paws too! Like I said there is no way I'll chase or bark at them!
In order to get to the house we are staying in we have to drive along the beach. Down close to the water the sand is hard and flat and easy. Up close to the doonz, it's soft, squishy and REALLY bouncy to drive across. I didn't like the ride in the back of the car we brought but it wasn't too bad in my Mom's lap. The car has to be fore-we-el-drive to get in here. I think it means the ability to jump over the ruts in the sand. You're not allowed to stop on the sand because if you do the car gets stuck. It makes a lot of noise but my Dad is always able to get it out.
Speaking of my Dad, he has something called a 'cold'. I thought that was the opposite of hot but it seems it's something that makes him talk weird, his nose makes funny nose noises, and he coughs and sneezes. I know what a sneeze is because I do that sometimes but I don't know why he has the little paper things at his nose and then makes funny noises. Consequently he is quite grumpy and seems a bit disgruntled with this vacation jazz. He does take me for nice long walks although I suspect it's partly to avoid the other peoples. be continued via next blog.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Another report from Carly. We still have not uncovered the mysterious situation which resulted in Carly's being at leash length while inside but I am getting clues as to what might have happened. For some reason I think kicking may be involved...let's read on...

Dear Sister of the Feline Order:
Things are better today. My mom and the human woman discussed it and I'm allowed in the same room but they decided I will be kept at a distance. I'm guessing that's a good thing since I saw the little human kicking one of the teenage humans. Funny since the human woman says the little brat doesn't kick their dog. I think the little human is completely outta control. He's almost 2, doesn't talk, just grunts/yells and points although I think maybe the plug they keep in his mouth is to keep him from talking. Maybe they didn't like hearing him either. Anyway, last night my mom went for a very long walk along the beach. It was great. Even though I was clean from my bath she let me roll in the nice warm dry sand. She didn't let me roll in the wet sand. This morning the big animals they call horses were here in my yard. I watched them from the balcony and they were less distance from my nose than a bunny can jump. They kinda smell good. I wanted to roll in their poo. It's what I do. Anyway, I cried and cried to get closer to them and when one moved a bit closer to my mom on the stairs I jumped to defend her. I am brave you know! I barked but my mom and dad said it was more of a scared bark/yelp. I thought I sounded fierce. Also, this morning my mom and dad said they saw bunnies at a distance. I didn't see any but now I'm on the lookout. I want a bunny! I also saw this weird creature. At least I think it was an animal. It could have been a big insect from the water. It was round with pointy legs and it had two mouths with teeth. Each was on something that looked like an arm, one on each side of it's round body. It kept the mouths open and snapped at the human man who pulled it from the water. I'm thinking it was a little more than a mouthful and I'm guessing it tasted good because the humans said it would if it were big enough for them. I wish they'd let me have it. I think it was just right for me. Instead they let it go on the beach and it walked sideways back into the water. Yup! Sideways! I think they called it a "ker-abb'. I wanted it.
This morning we went in to town to find souvenirs. There were people everywhere so my humans stopped for lunch and then we came back here for a nap. They had tacos and let me have some of the cheese from it. My humans are nice and always let me have a taste if it isn't something that will make me sick. They said they were amazed to find decent tacos so far from Arizona. The cheese was good and I wished they'd let me have more of the tacos. Adios' for now, Carly

Hello Carly!
Well, it certainly sounds like you're having a good time in spite of some human misbehavior. People! What can you do about 'em? We gotta be sweet or we don't eat and I was never crazy about the big outdoors. So we do what we gotta do to get along with them, right?
The nice long walks on the beach makes for great therapy for your folks. It's a win-win all the way around. Since I barely know what a beach is I can't imagine what sort of weird creature that was that came out of the water. From the description though, I'd be darn glad it went back in the water. I hope your wearing galoshes on these nature walks.
Now about the horses...once again, Carly, let me remind you that you are a very small breed of doggie. You are so far out of the playing field with a horse. Surely you jest when you say you think they smell good. Are you insane? Don't get me wrong, horses are beautiful animals but I wouldn't say they smelled so good. I can't even begin to comment on your wanting to roll in horsesh**! Geez, wax my whiskers that has got to be the craziest thing I've ever heard yet. Not only you want to but you admit you want to. I'm sure there's a 1-800-number we can contact to find you some help. Can't you just be happy Herself lets you roll in the dry sand?
I'm glad things seem to be better now after the 2 humans talked. Sounds like you're possibly being framed for something the short person is responsible for and kicking must be involved. I'll read more and figure this out yet. You know I think I've warned you to be cautious around different creatures, such as don't go chasing bears, leave the chipmunks alone, stop scaring the bunnies, etc. Perhaps I should precaution you a bit stronger when it comes to dealing with a short human. In humans you have a variety of categories. Like us critters you have the male and female, adult sizes, puppies, kittens, ponies, etc. With humans they have adults and then these little dudes they refer to as children or kids, sometimes called rug rats and even better, brats. Short, mini-sized humans. Same everything except in abbreviated forms. Now unlike the average knowledgeable human that has evolved into adulthood, the mini humans can be real monsters at times. The adults know to mind their manners whereas the mini-sizes...well, not so much. They take years to conform to the adult ways where with us critters we are born, trained for 6 weeks and then it's hasta la vista junior. Consequently, some mini humans go through stages where they offer more of a challenge to the adults in training and often times the adults tend to use their age as an excuse for naughty things they do. Instead of making excuse they simply need to be consistent in correcting them. That and cut out all sugar!
Anyway, just thank your lucky stars you don't live with any of the mini humans and be extra careful around this one until you head home. Your pal, Sister VC


Still trying to catch up with updates from Carly and the following may have jumped a day ahead or I've given up dating them from here on out. Obviously our days are all mixed up so we'll just say that's what a vacation is all about...NOT knowing what day it is. And recent reports seem to indicate there was a little fur getting riled up so read on...

Dear Sister:
Today has been very weird. Not much sleep last night because my Dad has a cold and coughed all night and my Mom cried all night. On top of that the storm went on most of the night. I don't like storms so I stayed cuddled up against Herself in the big bed. My Mom was ready to leave early this morning because of the mean things the other human woman said about me not being allowed in the same room anymore with the little human. She/we stayed but Mom has been sad all day. We've gone in to rooms and shut the door a lot. I've had to walk around on a leash with either my mom or dad a lot. That's okay because I thought they'd just stuff me in a room or in my crate. But they have just left the room whenever the little human enters. Mom or Dad sit for a long time with me on the porch or take a nap with me on the big bed so I am happy. I have looked and looked for the big horses today but they haven't been here. Dad took me for a long walk on the beach. I like the smells but not the water. I wish I knew what those little round jelly things are. Mom gave me a bath and then we took a nice long nap. I don't like baths even more than I dislike those wipes but my Mom thinks I smell good and it makes my fur fluffy so she'll pet me more and maybe that will make her smile again. Heavy Sighs from Carly

Dear Fluffy Carly,
You do sound troubled. Mom crying all day, Dad down with the sniffles...where oh where has the vacation gone to? Okay, stay calm. Let's try and think're not in your crate but stuck on your leash...obviously something has happened. What did you do, Carly? Or shall I say what are you being accused of here? Detective Sister Very Catty suspects your troubles have something to do with that little short person. Did I not warn you about that particular breed of humans? So, whatever happened, has instigated a cold war...literally...and Himself caught it...Mom's crying, stormy weather. Good times!
At least you got to go for a walk on the beach, had a nice bath which beats out the use of them wipes, you're fluffy...yeah, hang in're on a "roll" now. I must go and read more emails from you to get to the bottom of this vacation interruptus.
Sister VC

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Here's more from our gal, Carly as she gets acquainted with her new surroundings in PA:

Dear Sister:
I'm sorry I haven't been able to get Mom (Herself) to type for me the last few days since we've had the little human visiting. He's a handful that Herself wants to spend a lot of time with. Sometimes she lets me tag along. Yesterday when she was walking me very early in the morning, I came nose-to-nose with a bunny! It surprised me and then the bunny ran very, very fast. I tried to keep up but the rope was too short. I wish they'd get me a longer one! I've been really good since they put me in that doggie jail for the geragerashun in that I haven't rolled in ANYTHING. That does not mean I'm getting along any better with the big dog that lives here. Big dog tries to play with me but I snarl and snap at her. My people don't think I know how to play but they are starting to figure out that I was quite obviously punished in my past life for growling and playing doggie wrestling games. When my humans try to get me to play growl, I can only do it for a few seconds before I'm afraid I'll get in trouble. I don't know why I can't play with the big dog. I do wag my tail when I growl and snarl at the big dog. Aren't they supposed to understand that means I'm not really mad?
It's really humid here! My Mom can't stand to be outside more than a few minutes before she comes back in and hides in a cool basement. She keeps saying she prefers 110 degrees and 5% humidity in Tucson to this 80 degrees and 99% humidity. She says it's hard to breathe and has to take an extra bath a day to cool off. The heat and humidity is also making Himself grumpy. Bye now, Carly

Yo Carly!
So you've survived doggie jail only to come face to face with this little short person? Carly, you are a brave little pooch. I'll give ya that much. You're coping with a gigantic dog, you're maintaining the search for bunnies and chipmunks, and now you've got to be on alert for this mini human. You have got your paws full. Yet you tell me you have not rolled in anything since doggie jail? Not good, not good at all. You mustn't compromise your standards too much, you know! I say go for it...roll, Baby, roll!! Doggie jail might be better than dealing with a mini human.
Seems you may be carrying some baggage from your former life so naturally you don't find the growling game to be so much fun. It's really hard to find humans that speak dog or cat so be patient with them and over time you'll retrain them to your standards. It's no wonder you don't really feel comfortable playing with a dog that's three times your size. You could be squished like a bug in no time.
Humid, eh? Yeah, I'm sure Tucson would feel better about now. Keep Herself in the tub and maybe encourage Himself to down a couple shots of a cold refreshment, maybe with a touch of alkeehaul! You lessen the grumpy!
Hang in there, little buddy! Sister VC