Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well, another month has come and gone and once again it’s been awhile since my last blog. It’s not like I don’t have anything to say, so no worries there. I’ll blame part of my delay on my typist...talking her into typing for me is almost worse than getting her to clean my litter box at times. In fact, I really think she’d prefer to scoop poop than type. I’ve told her over and over, if I just had thumbs I’d do it myself. But then again, when I watch her type..ha..she only uses two fingers anyway and neither being her thumbs so figure that one out.

The other part of my blogging absence is that I have actually been writing. I’ve decided my views on life ought to be shared beyond this blog bantering so I have begun a series of mini books that I hope to offer for a small nominal fee right here on my blog. Of course, I write this now and who knows how long before I can make that happen.

I mean I’m great at putting my thoughts on paper, heaven knows the BS constantly flows, but the process of getting it from here to there could take an eternity. A technical genius I am not and neither is my typist...and let’s praise the higher sources for spell-check! You must realize that while my blog looks pretty cool, it involved a whole lot of profanity and frustration to get it this far. So to add my mini series to one side of the blog...well, we can only imagine what’s involved so hold your ears but not your breath.

Anyway, I have completed books 1 and 2 and am halfway in to book 3. My dream is to not only have these itty bitty books available, but also a selection of greeting cards and perhaps Tee shirts depicting some of my more classic inspirations, as well. Let’s face it...life offers so much on a daily basis that I finally decided to deal with it by sharing my caustic views with the rest of you.

In the meantime, are we all coping now that the Big O is gone? Good grief, oh what will the viewers do without her? And, what did you say? No hand-outs, no books, no cars? Too funny. Bye-Bye now!!

And aren’t we just all tickled pink to learn Kim Kardasheiswho is engaged? Sporting a ring who’s carats number is probably higher than her IQ. Who are these characters and why do they think we care?

Okay, so maybe I’m just crabby because my DWTS is over until next season. This is just the first week and I’m already going through withdrawals. And, Max, if you’re out there, please come back again. I so wanted Kirstie to win...my home town gal, and I had the typing pecker here vote every week using two phones...so we tried. Hines deserved to win though, he was so fun to watch. They really had some genuine dancers this year.

Okay, I shall bid you ado for now and post before it turns to June in some other time zone than my own.

Until next blog,


Sister Very Catty