Monday, March 28, 2011


Holy Whiskers...where the devil have I been since January 11th? I suspect I've been spending too much time answering emails and consequently neglecting to blog my literary genius for you to read. My humble apologies to any who give a hoot. Anyone?

Meantime, my emails have kept me busy in an astrological direction and since astrology happens to be a passion of mine, I always welcome any chance to discuss the subject. So when these inquiries come in regarding a particular birth sign or perhaps a question regarding one of the planets, etc. I attempt to share what I've learned over time and interpret it in simple words. So I thought we'd just continue here with a letter that takes astrology in a canine direction.

Dear Sister Very Catty,

We recently adopted a little doggie from the Humane Society. She had been a stray picked up by the pound so no one really knows her actual birthday. The Humane Society vets estimated her age to be about two and a half years old, thus giving her a birthday of June 15, 2008.
I don't know if you do doggie horoscopes but don't know who else to ask. Is there any way you can tell me her sign based on her personality or verify if she matches the sign the Humane Society gave her?
If so I'll describe her personality: She's very sweet and loving, always wanting to be near me or my husband, even sleeps with us. Of course, she's very polite about it, waits to be invited up on to the bed every night. She's very dainty and "prances" when we take long walks together. She is very loyal and doesn't want to be away from us but also does well when left alone. She's very happy to see us upon return and brings us a toy. She waits patiently at the steps when she thinks we are leaving, in hopes she can go too, and for me to put on her leash. She waits patiently for her humans to finish eating and never comes to the table to beg, until invited to do so. She also seems very protective of her new humans and brave, facing very big dogs even though she's very little. She's very neat when she eats and drinks, not slobbering up the floor around her dish. She is also very smart, learns what is expected of her very quickly and just graduated from Beginner Obedience School.
Also, if you can figure out if the sign the Humane Society gave her actually matches her personality can you check for compatibility with us? We are a Pisces and a Virgo. We think she's perfect but would like verification.
Thank you,
Canine Lover in Tucson

Dear Canine Lover,

No cattiness intended here but going with your unbiased description of this newly adopted wonder dog, I'm not sure there is a sign available in the Zodiac with that much perfection to it. Sounds like it'd even be a stretch for a Virgo and we all know how nearly perfect they can be! However, for starters, let's just go with the date that the Humane Society sort of assigned this little critter...June 15th. This makes doggie a Gemini which represents a lively, energetic & versatile sort that easily adapts to new situations. No doubt she's very happy you bailed her out of the pound but sounds like she definitely adapted quickly to her new surroundings. As you may have already noticed, a Gemini pet can cast a spell on you unlike any magician could pull off. A quick learner and bound to be faithful but also at times possessive and inclined towards jealousy. Gemini's are many-sided and can be very quick in thought and action, and skillful at handling others. They are definite communicators and usually have a great gift of my guess is your new pet would have no problem wrapping you around her little paw.
Gemini is the sign of communication, ruled by the planet Mercury and they do want to impose their point of view on to others. So when approached by a bigger dog your potential Gemini-short-style will have no problem letting the bigger dog know who's who in her world. A Gemini is a natural when it comes to self expression so they actually have an easy time dealing with the public or an approaching big dog.
Yes, your doggie certainly seems to display traits of a Gemini....a natural charmer. It's right up her alley to know how to turn it on in order to gain access to the bed at night or score an occasional treat from the dinner invitation only, of course! Now keep in mind that routine and monotony are two things this sign dreads so changing her walking route occasionally will make her very happy. She'll love exploring new territory and while she'll also love to travel, it's actually the traveling she prefers, not the destination.

Now, as far as compatibility with your signs...Pisces & Virgo...let's begin with the Virgo sign....
Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by the planet Mercury meaning both have a mental approach towards life. But, as Fido Facts will have it, the similarity stops there. Virgo usually considers Gemini scatterbrained and immature and Gemini thinks of Virgo as a stick-in-the-mud and a bore. Virgos are critical and Gemini's are tactless....both should merely mind their manners around the other. Sounds like some good entertainment for the Pisces?

Now for the Gemini and Pisces combo...uh-huh, could be a couple issues with these two. Pisces is emotional and can be easily hurt by the sometimes thoughtless Gemini. The Gemini is mischievous and playful, but the Pisces is sensitive and takes things to heart. Each practices deception in their own way. So from my feline outlook, I'd recommend the Pisces not take anything the Gemini does personally...say, for instance an occasional, small in-discrepancy on the carpet. It is not to offend you at all, merely pee happens!

Now I must post this before my typist hits the wrong button and deletes this by accident or it gets lost in cyberspace....after all we are facing a Mercury Retrograde on Wednesday...the planet of communication. I've had plenty of inquiries regarding the subject so stay tuned and I'll try and explain it next blog.

Blessings to all,