Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Here we have plenty of adventure to read about as Carly describes what she's seen and what she has had to put up with along the vacationing way. As previously explained, we've lost all track of sequence with her vacation travels but it seems she has been taken on another trip along with mass quantities of humans to a beach house somewhere. This was a rather lengthy email that I will divide into a couple chapters, so to meow. Eventually we learn the cause of her being held captive via the short leash so read on...

Dear Feline Sister Friend:
Sorry to not write for some time. A lot has gone on and I certainly need a friend like you about now. I don't know what day I last wrote you or even what day of vacation we're on now. Lots of mumbo jumbo in my Mom's brain right now and she ain't up to figurin' it out. We left the people's house in PA on Saturday (probably the 25th) and drove all day to get to this place called 'the outer banks'. Don't know what that means but it's this huge house on a beach. The house is right over some high sand hills called 'doonz'. The doonz have some tall sharp grass on them and between them is some shorter, but still sharp grass. It's not like the grass at home that I can roll in. It's tall and sharp and has a lot of sand between the patches. Someone put these things up that look like fences but they don't close off anything. My Mom said they were to keep and build the doonz. The sand is white and very, very fine. There is sand all through the big house, on all the furniture and I didn't do it. Humans bring this sand into the house on their feet, clothes (which I still don't know why they wear such things - I think it's because they like to hang on to some of that salty, smelly water that their bodies ooze in this place) and everything. I don't roll in the sand but I do turn over for a belly rub in it. It's clingy and hot but I like it. There are lots of big birds here. People call them "Pelly-cans" and little birds they call "sand-pipers". I chase them but they don't play with me.
Yesterday I saw something wonderful. I saw a 'horse' up close. There are lots of wild horses on this beach. They roam free. I saw two adult horses and one baby horse. These guys are HUGE! I saw them before at a distance and thought they were just big bunnies. They aren't bunnies at all and there is no way I will ever chase one. I saw them just the other side of the doonz fence. I won't even bark at them. Did I mention they are HUGE? They don't seem to be aggressive although I did see two of them (Mom called them 's-al-ee-yuns' fighting on the beach. They bite with teeth and kick. Weird paws too! Like I said there is no way I'll chase or bark at them!
In order to get to the house we are staying in we have to drive along the beach. Down close to the water the sand is hard and flat and easy. Up close to the doonz, it's soft, squishy and REALLY bouncy to drive across. I didn't like the ride in the back of the car we brought but it wasn't too bad in my Mom's lap. The car has to be fore-we-el-drive to get in here. I think it means the ability to jump over the ruts in the sand. You're not allowed to stop on the sand because if you do the car gets stuck. It makes a lot of noise but my Dad is always able to get it out.
Speaking of my Dad, he has something called a 'cold'. I thought that was the opposite of hot but it seems it's something that makes him talk weird, his nose makes funny nose noises, and he coughs and sneezes. I know what a sneeze is because I do that sometimes but I don't know why he has the little paper things at his nose and then makes funny noises. Consequently he is quite grumpy and seems a bit disgruntled with this vacation jazz. He does take me for nice long walks although I suspect it's partly to avoid the other peoples.

....to be continued via next blog.

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