Monday, August 1, 2011


Still no deal but in the meantime I just received the following e-mail regarding my blog about the childish circus of politicians. You know the ones who refuse to even attempt getting along with each other. Just thought it was profound so will copy here for all to read:
I am a small dog and really enjoyed your advice to little Carly while she was traveling. I read your latest blog about the politicians and, even though I'm of the canine persuasion myself, I have to agree with you. I don't know why the left wing can't get along with the right wing but if they were a bird they'd certainly not be able to fly, right? Now it's well known that you cats and us dogs don't always get along. Being a little dog, I tries to get along with cats because some of them are bigger than me and frankly scare the turds outta me. I don't understand how come the politicians are said to fight like cats and dogs when they are pachyderms and asses (kinda looks like they are all acting like asses, not just the asses) when cats and dogs really don't fight. Lets face it, although a dog loves a good fight now and then, cats just plain don't fight. When doggies fight we chase each other, bite or fake bite, bark loudly and wrestle. Cats don't fight. They either stand their ground and just hiss, slap with claws (something that really hurts by the way) or climb out of reach of the doggie. I've never seen cats and dogs call each other names like the politicians do. Why can't they "get along" like cats and dogs, from a distance?
Your reader, "Muttly C"
Sounds like the better way to be...everyone get along but who can ever show them the way when they seem to wear blinders like horses and suffer from selective hearing. So set in their ways, so determined they're always right, they refuse to bend or even listen to what's real anymore. Stupid is as stupid does? Crazy ridiculous the mess the world is in...
Thanks for your views Muttly C...
Sister VC

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