Thursday, June 30, 2011


Happy June 30th. I have no idea where we left off with our traveling pooch. The e-mails she sent were delayed a bit since they were still being sent to who knows where. So we'll just take one e-mail at a time and go from there. Here is one that probably came in right after they arrived at their destination in Pennsylvania where Carly's Mom's relatives live. It was Carly's first exposure to these humans so let's read on to see how it went.

Dear Sister: I haven't heard from you in days, I hope you are okay. I've been really busy. Yesterday my people put me in a doggie day camp while they went to something called a Ger-add-u-a-shun. I didn't like it much. I was afraid they were getting rid of me. I was worried. They did come back but it took hours! I had my Mom hold me the whole trip back to this house where we are staying so she would know how much I love her and maybe she won't leave me there again, ever!! I don't know what this ger-add-u-a-shun thing is but today they had a party for it. They decorated with things called baa-loonz. I didn't like them much. They move with the wind. I didn't see any chip-monkz today but I looked and looked. I did scare off some birds. There was one bird that was blue. I've never seen a blue bird where I live in Arizona. It was big, blue and had a pointy head. Mom called it something like a ge-aye. Your friend, Carly!

Dear Carly,
You didn't hear from me because your notes weren't coming to me but I sure hope whoever did receive them enjoyed them. Meantime, I was left in e-mail limbo so am very glad to read your note.
Doggie day camp, eh? Sorry, that does NOT sound cool to me. I will apologize for your humans right here and now. They traveled how many miles to visit their people and you wind up in doggie daycare? What's up with that?! Why, that's almost rude. But then again, didn't we also learn that you had issues with the resident doggie, Lily? Maybe it was for your own protection so we'll give your humans the benefit of Sister very Catty's doubt.
I think you're referring to a graduation for one of you're Mom's grand kids and the celebration was over that event. It's a human thing. We're naturally smart and don't require years and years of schooling and a graduation and eventual boot outa the homestead. Whew, would not want to be human, would you, Carly?
Okay, I'm off to the next e-mail.
Sister VC

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