Saturday, June 11, 2011


Day two has landed our travelers just outside Ft. Worth, TX. According to the female human, the male human finally decided to actually look at the map and consequently now they will avoid Mississippi and head out of Dallas to Arkansas. It was also reported that between Van Horn & Ft. Worth it was very flat like Kansas, very brown with the exception of the occasional stubby green bush spotted along the way. Luckily the RV park had plenty of green grass and shade trees making the de-bugging of the giant windshield much more do-able in the heat. Now here is our canine on the scene with her nightly report:

Dear SVC:
Thanks for the write back. Funny you should mention watching what I rub in. This morning on my walkabout I found something particularly smelly and started to rub my neck in it but my human chick gave my leash a sharp tug and pulled me away from it. Don't know what it was but looked deliciously like a petrified dead bird! So far I've managed to keep from getting the wipe treatment. My human chick did stop at some really big store called "WaaaMart?" and got some of that Dee OO Der Ant which she really wanted and it sure has helped her disposition today. She was given the oppurtunity to drive the rolling tin can but HIMSELF kept reacting negatively every time she hit something called a rumble strip. I didn't like the noise either. She gave up and let HIMSELF drive. Like as if driving this thing is easy!!
I forgot to mention that at the last place, not only were there flies that bite and incredible heat but there were these horrible things SHE called "stickers" that kept poking holes in my paws. Luckily she was able to quickly read my 3 legged walk as something being wrong and pulled out the offending "sticker" I don't like stickers!
I saw a bunny rabbit in the RV park this morning and I really raised a loud fuss. I wanted it! I know what they are because I see them and smell their poop in the park where we walk at home. I always want them. I kept a close lookout while rolling down the highway for another one and I saw a REALLY BIG one. I wanted it! She said it wasn't a bunny but was something called a "Horse". Looked like a big fat bunny to me and I wanted it!!
The tin can is cooler tonight. Hope that means she'll stay in a better mood. They made burgers for dinner and let me have a taste. I like this part of Texas better. They say we'll finally leave Texas tomorrow. It's a really big place with really big bunnies called horses!!

G’nite, Carly

Hello Carly,

As I answer your report you are probably stacking ZZZ’s while basking in that giant traveling window. So relieved to hear the female human got her deodorant situation taken care of. Bummer on that short leash though, little buddy...that has got to cramp your style. Better luck next stop, just try and be sneakier about it so you at least get one quick sniff in before she yanks yer chain.

Bet you wish you could have video taped the changing of the drivers’ routine. The Mrs. Takes the wheel, the Mister starts squirming in his co-pilot seat cuz he thinks he can do it better…..guessin’ cuz he’s a he?! I mean, c’mon Carly, we both know the woman can drive...anybody who holds a world’s record for the most speeding tickets in a pigmy size car has got to know how to drive.

Now about the bunnies….you have got to be a bit more cautious while away from your home turf. Not every furry critter you see is going to be a the fact that grassy areas can be filled with stickers, goat heads, bad stuff! Very painful paw inflictions - you do not want to go there, trust me!!! So stick to your window watching, it’s much safer.

Happy Sniffs, Sr. VC

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