Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Since our travelers spent a couple nights at the same park and we've already given our review, we'll head straight to a dog's day at the park via the Carly report:

Dear Sister:

Last night I met some new creatures. There were two of them and she called them "ducks". He was sitting outside last night while she was helping me write to you. He came in and said there were ducks and they obviously wanted to be fed.
We went out and fed them some animal crackers. I'm not sure what ducks eat but I really like animal crackers so I figured they would too. Ducks are really strange looking creatures. One had a brilliantly green head. They are kinda like birds but if they can fly they certainly didn't do it last night. They walked, or I should say waddled on feet that looked flatter than any birds I've ever seen. One had a twisted foot so she sorta limped but the he-duck stayed right with her. I wanted to chase them but my leash was WAY too short. Today we went to a great big "park" in the mountains. It wasn't like the park at home. This one they let me in the visitor center but then handed my people a piece of paper that basically said doggies are not allowed on any of the hiking trails. I think that was unfair as I am very well behaved and my people always pick up my pooh (I don't really understand that but apparently its required at home). Anyway, I was really offended by that until my people read the part about bears attacking dogs! I don't know what a bear is but I don't want to be attacked. I'm not afraid. I'm brave. So don't think bad of me, I just don't know what a bear is. My people decided that if I couldn't hike, they wouldn't either. Instead we took a car tour. It was fun and most of the time I got to ride on her lap with my head out the window. I watched for bunnies but I didn't see any. I found something that smelled good while my he-people was walking me and I rolled in it. He didn't notice but she did and was a bit peeved. She made him use those wipes on me. I hope they run outa those things soon. I was sooo tired when we got back from the new "park" that I've mostly slept on my dash. I haven't even barked at dogs walking by! Tomorrow we are leaving Ten-A-See and going to Ver-gin-ee-ah. I will miss Ten-A-See, I like it here. Bye now.

Hello Carly,

I can understand you're being offended at not being allowed on those walking trails but when you toss in the bear factor you are way better off safely enclosed in a vehicle. So now I have to explain both cats and bears to you? In a nutshell, you'd be best off fearing both of them. For example, to a cat you'd appear as a challenge or a fun little critter to intimidate. To a bear, on the other paw, we're talkin' appetizer here. Yep, best to just fear both. Now don't get me wrong...I mean not all cats are to be feared but we'll discuss the do's and you better don't of cats 101 another time. Just keep away from bears...they are not user-friendly.
Now what have you rolled in? And what is it about you doggies that gives you that uncontrollable urge to roll in every unidentified stinky pile of unknown origin? C'mon are literally begging for those wipes! Here's a lesson in cats for wouldn't catch a cat rolling in anything but's totally undignified for meowing out loud. Keep it up and you're going to lose your prime real estate on their bed at night. I'm just trying to look out for you. I mean your bunny fetish is bad enough so just keep walking next time you walk by something that says 'roll on me'! WALK AWAY!
Wipe on...wipe off! Sister VC

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