Monday, June 13, 2011


Well, it sounds like Arkansas won't go down as the most memorable part of the trip. In fact, comments were not exactly favorable regarding the locals either. To top things off for day 3, our travelers experienced a rather intense downpour complete with rock-the-boat winds, a light show, sound effects, not to mention finding out the roof leaks. See, being from Tucson one can almost forget what rain is so no doubt the roof had not been challenged in awhile. So the natives weren't cool, the weather sucked and no Wi-Fi hook-up which resulted in no report last night. Yep, and they thought Texas was a trip. Okay, moving right along here is Carly's report from Day 4:

Dear SVC, Sorry I didn't get to report on Day 3. I wanted to but my people could not "get on" to something they called "y-fi". I'm glad to have finally gotten out of Texas although the scenery there that last day was green and lush but hot and muggy with MONSTER flies that were on my poop almost before I could get it out. I know things are supposed to be bigger in Texas but that's redickulous! I had a horrible time in a place called R-can-saw. It was green but about halfway through day 3, I'm chillin' out on my spot on the big soft dash of the rolling tin can when a few drops hit the glass. All of a sudden this big, long black thing sweeps across the view and scared me to death! I had to jump in to her arms. Luckily she caught me. Then after we get parked in some RV park behind something called a mo-tell-six, it was nice and grassy. I looked for bunnies but didn't see any - I WANT ONE!! All of a sudden dust is blowing, the tin can is rocking and then came horrible noises and flashes of light. I really didn't like that! I made her hold me! It lasted for hours, even after we went to bed. Then this morning the whole back end of the RV park was under water. I think there may have been snakes. I also think something is wrong with the people here. We had to go into a store and the woman there said they needed the rain. I don't see how because all the rivers are into the trees around them. I'm afraid the bunnies can't swim. My people said they think she was being "fah-see-shush". I think that's a term that means stupid! I decided I don't like r-can-saw.

Today we entered tin-and-see. We are at a really nice park outside Nashville. There are lots of big beautiful trees. I pee on them. There is grass. I pee on that. I haven't seen any bunnies but I'm sure there must be some. I want one. We sat outside while she baked something called brown-knees in her little outside oven. It smelled good but they haven't let me have any. I'd write more but I wanna go smell around for bunnies before it gets dark. Bye.

Dear Carly,

Yep, sounds like Arkansas was about as much fun as Texas. And what a bummer your people didn't warn you about the big black wiper swiping across your window. Bet that scared the pee-wad-din right out of you. Better ask for extra treats to calm your nerves. Pardon the pun, little doggie but...Aye, Chihuahua...if you weren't half Beagle you would have had a nervous breakdown by now. Between the wind rocking your tin bucket, the lid leaking, water everywhere outside, no bunnies in sight....what's a doggie to do? Well, at least Tennessee proved to be a better stop and you were able to send in your between pee stops, of course. Can't wait to see where you mark your territory next! Watch out for them flies now...Sister VC

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