Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Alright, we are a day behind in our reporting so let's catch up. For Day 5 our traveling threesome landed just outside a place called Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, close to the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Evidentially this area is also known as the home of Dollywood and it seems since its arrival the entire Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge Highway have been turned into a circus. Overall appearance was described as horrible and cheap. There are at least one or two pancake houses every block, junky souvenir shops, Elvis and hillbilly shows being advertised on billboard sized TV's...oh, and don't forget the HUGE replica of the Titanic, a space needle, and a building that looks like a bank building dropped on a house, all making for an overall cheap looking place...a complete side show. As tourists our travelers felt sorry for the people who lived in this beautiful country prior to Dolly's extravaganza and then having had to watch their hometown turn into a freak show. They even witnessed a couple of people with signs that read, "Shame on Dolly Parton!" Possibly in reference to the entrance to the park. On a good note, however, it was reported that it was considerably cooler and the plans for Day 6 are to tour the park. And now for The Carly Report...the dog's-eye view:

Dear SVC: Last night the park was great. Me and my humans sat outside quite awhile last night and listened to somethings called Sa-Kay-das. They were pretty loud. I also watched some fireflies which are strange little flying bugs with lights on their butts. She caught me a couple and let me sniff them while they walked around on her hand. They were okay but they weren't bunnies. I didn't see any bunnies but I did come pretty close to somethings called "cats". My humans watch some people they call "the Cats" on the big talking moving picture box a lot but these "cats" weren't like those "cats" at all. They weren't much bigger than bunnies and were just as fast as bunnies. She tells me that you are a feline and therefore a cat. I don't think I'd ever seen cats before. Maybe I did in my previous life but I don't know because I was only adopted by my humans a few months ago and I don't remember much about the time before except that I was not treated very well. We went walking in a nice big field when she picked me up and pointed up into a tree. I looked and there, just above my head, were two cats. One was yellow and one was black and white. They were watching me very closely then jumped down out of the tree and took off. I figured they wanted to play so I ran after them. That part was fun but hitting the end of my rope wasn't. When I got up and shook off, the "cats" were gone. I later saw one again but I was still tied up and couldn't quite reach it. It sat there and licked itself just beyond the end of my rope. She says it was "yankin' my chain". It did seem rather rude that it wouldn't come close enough for me to sniff it. I wanted to run and play with it. Why do those kind of "cats" not want to play with me?
Tonight we are at a really nice place, still in Ten-A-See, at a place called Great Smoky Mountains. It's beautiful with lots of trees and grass. There are birds called "Robins". We don't have those kinds of birds at home in Tucson. They run from me too. I like birds. I think there may be bunnies here. I want one!! She says we are going to be here two nights so we can take a hike tomorrow. I'm beginning to feel at home in the tin can. Maybe I'll call it my rolling home. Talk to you tomorrow, Carly

Dear Carly,
Well, well, well...my little doggie buddy has discovered the feline creature...the almighty, all superior breed known as the cat. See Carly, there is a whole other world out there beyond bunnies so keep your eyes and sniffer open. I'm afraid you have a bit to learn regarding the feline...your human is right when she tells you the cat is "yankin' your chain"...kitty does not want to play with you...but rather she wants to play you. Enjoy your hike tomorrow at the big park and remember...while you're bunny scoping there could be cat eyes upon you so beware.

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