Thursday, June 23, 2011


Well, lo and behold, we have finally heard from our little traveling pooch, Carly. We were beginning to suspect she'd taken a hike rather than a vacation. Carly's explanation was that the day they left Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains her people decided to go the rest of the distance all in one day. So off to Pennsylvania they went and once there her people had to visit with their peoples awhile. Then when Herself got around to typing Carly's reports she was emailing them to the wrong address. She finally figured out what was happening when all of her reports came back to her own email. So now after many days hiatus we will catch up with Carly's adventures. Yes, and Carly and I probably both agree that its hard to get good help these days and if only we could just type this stuff ourselves!! Oh well, let's face it, we're living in a human's world, what can we do? Okay, on to Carly's vacation adventures from the 16th and 17th.

Dear SVC:
It's been quite awhile since I've written. I've been bizzie. Before we left the Smoky mountain site I saw some squirrels. I know what squirrels are since they sometimes invade my back yard at home. These are a little different being mostly grey. They are really fast. I want one. I tried to chase it but it ran up a tree. I don't know how to run up a tree. I barked at it but it wouldn't come down. Why can cats climb trees and doggies not? I'm asking you because being a feline you may be able to coach me.
We arrived at the place where we are going to stay for a while. I don't know how long but we are not sleeping in the rolling home. This home has lots of people in it and a very big dog. I sometimes get along with the big dog and sometimes I don't. I don't like it when the big dog comes near one of my people. I snapped at it and bit its nose. I got scolded for it. I just thought she was too close to my people. My Mom says I should be nice to "Lilly" and I do try when we walk together.

I discovered a new little critter here and I want one! It's called a "chip-monk". They are little and fast and there a lot of them. I want one. This house has a lot of bushes and the "chip-monkz" hide in the bushes. I chased one in to a bush. Lilly was trying to help me but she's really lousy at catching things. I think she should be better since there are lots of them but she doesn't seem to care. I don't understand her. Anyway, this chip-monk I chased in to a bush, ran out the other side while I wasn't looking and ran right in to Lilly. My Mom said that Lilly did chase it but it ran under another bush. I was still sniffing of the first bush. Mom got quite a laugh out of that. I want a chip-monk! I can only chase them within the yard with a big cement pond in it but they don't let me off the leash often because I can fit under the gate. There is a big forest here and I just know there are chip-monkz and bunnies in there! How can I teach Lilly to better help me catch one?
Thanks, Carly

Carly, Great to hear from you. Seems you have several issues to address but at least you are having a good time away from home. Carly, I have to be perfectly frank with you and remind you that you are indeed a dog. You are a small dog...check the mirror, little buddy. One of the well known facts of animal world, particularly in the canine versus feline world, dogs do not climb trees. Cats climb trees. It's another fact that dogs chase cats and this is exactly why cats climb trees in order to escape the dang dog who thinks it needs to look superior to the cat. What's funny is the silly dog never even realizes the cat is probably taunting the dog in the first place knowing perfectly well it can escape up a tree. While doggie is feeling all macho and superior to little kitty, the cat is thinking what a dumba** that dog is thinking it can actually catch me. The squirrels probably feel the same way.
Think of it that there are just some things dogs are gonna do that cats would never think of burying bones. Can you imagine that...only reason to scratch in dirt in a cat's mind would be to politely cover up its...well, never mind that right now.
So no...I cannot help you climb a's just not a doggie thing to do. However, I should coach you with some manners. I understand from your people that Lilly is a very sweet dog, quite large, but sweet. Now while you are there you are a guest in her home and with her people. Her people belong to your people...humans refer to them as relatives. As critters that is one thing we don't have to worry about but as humans and relatives they are prone to want to visit...this is why you got to enjoy a long road trip. So you really should be on your best behavior and tolerate the situation the best way you can. For crying out loud, you do not bite your hostess dog....what is wrong with you? Have you suffered a brain fart or what? Do yourself a favor...go look in the mirror. You are half Chihuahua and half Beagle and compared to Lilly you are a squatty body. All she'd have to do is sit on you but instead she's putting up with your antics. After have invaded her space. Besides the fact that your people do not need protecting from these new people. They belong're the new kid on the block...remember your position or you may find yourself sleeping alone back in the tin home on wheels.
So you've discovered chipmunks, eh? Good for you. Lilly may not have any interest in actually catching one because she probably enjoys them playing in her yard. Now let's say you were to actually catch a chipmunk or a squirrel or even a bunny. I have a feeling you wouldn't know what to do with it.
Now mind your manners.
Sister VC

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