Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm not sure anymore what day we're on with Carly and her vacation experiences so we'll just read her latest report and not worry about it. Obviously our little pooch is having the time of her life. She'll either find life boring once she returns to home base or she'll just have sweet dreams about it while she sleeps for a week from fun exhaustion. Read on...

Dear Sister:
I'm writing today to tell you about a really fun adventure I had. These people we are visiting have lots of things my people call "toys". They are rather loud things they ride on. One has only 2 wheels and 3 of them have 4 wheels. Day before last we all went on a ride. I rode on my she person's lap on something called a "rain-ger". Unlike the other "toys" it has a bench seat so we rode with someone else. It has no front window so I couldn't ride on the dash like I do in the wheeled home. We went really fast. My ears were straight out and my mouth open. I didn't swallow a bug but my she-human says she had one go up her nose. It was hard to watch for bunnies but I tried. I'm thinking the bunnies were hiding from all the noise. I've also seen some other animals that I've never seen before. There was a whole group of somethings I will call big spotted bunnies. They had black and white spots all over them. My she-human called them ca-ow-z. They looked like big bunnies to me. I would have liked to chase one but I couldn't get out of the car. I'm getting better at chasing chip-monks but they are fast. One hid in some yard ornament that looks like a big bird house. I know it was in there, I saw it go in. I tired to dig it out and cried for it to come out but I couldn't get in and it wouldn't come out. After awhile my she-human insisted I keep walking. The next time I passed it I couldn't smell it in there. I will check every time I pass it though because I never forget where they can hide. Love, Carly

Dear Red Baron,
You're the envy of every dog out there reading this blog. I can just imagine you ears looking wing-like in the wind as you fly across the earth in the strange 'toy'. Try flapping them next time to see if you get lift-off. Now that's a Kodak moment! Did you wear protective head gear, goggles, anything? Yep, right out of a Peanuts cartoon!

Now you've discovered cows...and I find it most interesting that you did NOT mention wanting one of those. Wassup? You want a bunny, you want a squirrel, you want a chipmunk...what is wrong with the cow?
Happy Hunting, Sister VC

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