Sunday, September 4, 2011


I'm not even sure where to begin but here goes. For starters how about the fact that mean people just plain suck? That's right! They suck the very life out of life. I feel pretty safe in saying that and I doubt I stand alone in my belief. I know others would agree with me. This life (I ought to know...I have 9 of them) is full of a vast variety of emotions from excitement to disappointment, from love to hate, belief to disbelief. I think right now I am in disbelief as to just how mean some people can be. Therefore I'll blog!

I may have mentioned in the past that, even though I'm of the feline order, I am a huge fan of DWTS. Now fellow fans will recognize this abbreviation but for you unfortunates that don't choose to watch the program, it stands for 'Dancing with the Stars'. Like any program on television, you tune in, you watch, you hope you like it. You're either entertained by it, love it, disappointed by it, frustrated with it, hate it, maybe just turn it off, never to watch again. Whatever! It's your remote, baby and completely YOUR decision to watch or not watch. There are many channels to choose from, one should never feel forced to watch anything they don't want to watch. It's as easy as don't even have to turn the TV set on if you don't want to.

Now maybe if I wasn't a fan of DWTS I might jump on a soap box and bitch like some of you have been doing this week. But then again if I wasn't a fan of DWTS, I'd not bother to turn it on, therefore no need to complain. Truth is I am a huge follower and I can still feel the excitement from last season when Kirstie Alley came in second. I was so proud of her and I really thought she deserved to win. The girl can dance!

So here we are at season 13, a whole new array of contestants, all hoping to take home that big mirrored ball trophy. Since the announcement this past week of who's who and who's partnered with who there's really been a lot of talk. Have you noticed? I mean, granted, the fans have been looking forward to hearing about the new line-up and there's certainly been a lot of hype regarding it. I've read everything I can get my paws on and this is where I am just about to blow a hairball over the amount of mean people this world has to put up with.

While I think that this new line-up uses the term 'stars' lightly, maybe it's my own fault because I never heard of most of them. Either way I would hardly title them as stars. Bottom line though, I'm still not going to miss an episode. Those of you who proclaim not to watch this year because of your close-mindedness...well, that's your prerogative and frankly, the rest of us probably don't give a damn whether you watch or not. Everybody has a right to their opinion but there's a lot of you out there that would be better off keeping them to yourselves. If you can't say something nice about someone...shut up.

Now regarding the line-up, we have one contestant who dated George What' what? There's an NBA player and a soccer champ...okay, if one knew or cared about sports. Sorry, that's a sports star and a whole different arena. Definitely not the kind of star you'd necessarily want to see dance. Then there's the all time bitchy blonde with the motor mouth...honey, just cuz you're on TV does not a star make! Only thing is it may be entertaining to see if she can shut up long enough to dance. And then...OMG, not another Kardashiawho...the one sibling without boobs hanging out of something. Why would we want to see if he can dance anymore than we care which sister wasted too much money on a wedding and bored the world with it? Then the yo-yo weighted actress once again hoping to drop a few pounds...okay, whatever. Anyway, none of this is intended to be necessarily mean but to make a point that each and everyone who winds up a contestant is subject to some sort of criticism. None are excluded. Meantime, they make you watch don't they? Admit's all for entertainment's sake and we either get sucked into it or we turn it off.

Now my point to all of this is pretty simple. Leave Chaz alone. Nobody is better than anybody else. Of the entire array of new contestants I was excited to see someone I knew about. Someone I have watched over the years, from the time it was little Chastity appearing on her Mom & Dad's TV show to the Chaz we see now. I loved all three of them. Still do. I adore Chaz' mother and have huge admiration for her because she...well, she's Cher! I even still miss Sonny.

I think some of you need to be reminded that Chaz is a human being. It's just sad how this world is so full of cruel human beings. I am so glad to be feline. I suppose being in the public eye one has to tolerate all sorts of critiquing. But sometimes there are those out there who consider themselves to be above the rest. They seem to be of the impression that they, above all, can verbalize whatever cruel opinions they have and think that the rest of us want to hear them. No worry of retaliation, they just run off at the mouth and not give a concern to who might get hurt along the way. So I say how dare you? Who do you think you are? Guilty, that's what. Guilty of being a mean person. How do you stand yourself with all that hate seeping out of you? Ever stop to think about what you'd feel should the tables turn? You disgust me. Mean people do indeed suck. They are a waste of good air and should be banished to an ugly barren island somewhere far, far away.

I think the final straw for me was what I read this morning on the internet. One of the "news" channels published an article written by a psychiatrist regarding Chaz Bono appearing on DWTS. Advising people to not allow their children to watch the show. First of all...who asked you? Better yet, why would anyone give a hoot what you think? You used your article to air your opinions about Chaz and only succeeded in making a complete ass out of yourself and your profession. Even the article written about your article says you're a drama queen. And that photo of your egotistical self....egads, who told you bald was a good look? They totally lied. So's that feel? Shame on you!

So I say to Chaz...Dance, my friend and enjoy every step of it. I'm rooting for you all the way. As for the rest of you...shut up and watch...or don't!
Sister Loves to Dance VC

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