Saturday, September 17, 2011


Well, while the recuperating goes on poor little Carly is beside herself. She definitely hates seeing her human in pain and yet there's not much she can do for her. I've learned from my inside source that the pain pills prescribed for Carly's Mom haven't helped much. She could take one every 4 hours but it takes an hour before it kicks in and seems to wear off after 2 hours. Not good. I should mention that Carly's Mom is a nurse so she knows the scoop. She evidentially saw the x-ray where a new arch has been installed in her foot and it really hurts like hell. Due to the arm still being very sore she is continuing to use the wheelchair. I'm thinking she might have been better off not seeing that x-ray?!

Since her original pain pill didn't work she continued enduring sharp, stabbing pains and consequently hasn't slept in 2 nights. So last night the pain meds were changed to something that makes her so groggy she can't keep her eyes open, yet the sharp, stabbing pains continued. Then today the prescription was again changed and will be given on a gradual, decreasing dosage over the next few days, every 12 hours with a muscle relaxer every 8 hours. Perhaps some foot muscle was behind the shooting pains? Now the poor gal feels like a drug store but the surgery she went through was huge and the doctor predicted that ordinary drugs probably wouldn't do the trick. Here's hoping tonight it kicks in so she can get some good sleep.

And now we have an update from our ace reporter, on...

Hi, it's me again, Carly, your little canine friend. I haven't been able to write for a while because my typist (aka Mom) just sits around and cries. Those rags she has wrapped around her foot must really hurt. I know they stink. Her toes are sticking out and there's a smell of old blood coming from out around her toes. The rags are also really hard. I stepped on the bundle of rags yesterday and it was really hard. I don't think that hurt her but it's hard to tell, she's been crying out from time to time.

She's on a lot of medications that make her kind of goofy so my human dad is keeping control of the pills for fear she'll hurt herself.

Today is much better though. She actually slept last night for several hours and the times where she cries out with pain seem to be getting shorter and farther away. My Dad also has been able to sleep in the big chair that lays back. Because both of them slept I was able to sleep. I miss the big bed. I'll be glad when they go back upstairs. Since my Mom has had this big bunch of hard rags on her foot, my Dad has been taking me for an evening walk as well as the morning walk. I like to walk.

I told you about the chair with wheels she's been using, well this morning she tried to use this other wheeled thing that has a shelf for the knee of her ragged foot. She didn't do too well with it. She has horrible balance and my dad was afraid she'd fall so he took it away from her. I tired to walk along with her and to tell the truth I was also afraid she'd run over me. I try to curl up with her but when she cries out it scares me so I have to leave. She's not very good with the belly rub when that's happening either. I'm not complaining because I'll always let her rub my belly to make her feel better but she's not very good at pettin' the belly so I don't think it's helping her much. Back to you Sister VC.

Hello again, Carly!

You poor doggie having to watch your poor Mom go through all this pain. You deserve some extra treats for hanging in there with her, that's for sure. I'll put in a good word for you.

Now didn't I warn you to stay away from anything Mom goes near with wheels? It just won't end well for you. I'm glad Dad took away the wheelie cart for now. Maybe later Mom can try it again but she should stay on her butt on that couch until she's feeling better. I have another friend who had her bunion removed last Monday along with some bone spurs and she's still mostly couch bound herself. Now she has mastered the wheelie cart but she also went through a similar surgery on her other foot about 6 weeks ago.

Good grief, Carly...don't your paws hurt just thinking about these two humans?

Don't fret over the stinky rags on Mom's foot. No doubt next trip to the doctor for follow-up and they'll be changing that old one to whatever they need to put on it next to keep it protected. Just try and avoid that area for now.

Her petting abilities may be limited because the pills she's on now probably almost knock her out. So you may find her petting you and falling asleep mid-rub. Hang in there! Sister VC

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