Friday, September 30, 2011


Well, just where did the time go? I've unintentionally gotten behind here with the latest of "As The Foot Heals" featuring our canine buddy, Carly and her humans. Now I'm going to try and sum up her emails as simply as possible since I was delinquent with the daily blogging. Some days ya feels like it, other days not so much?

Anyway, no excuses offered for the yesterdays, today is today so let's get to it. Carly tells me that they are all now sleeping in the big bed upstairs nightly and Mom is still managing to go up and down the stairs via her butt. Having her foot remain in the "rags", as Carly describes the protective bandaging, she still endures the occasional stabbing pains. The pains are severe enough to cause her to "yelp", as Carly terms it, however, as time goes on, they are lessening each day.

Much to Carly's delight her Dad made some pudding with bananas and little cookies the other day. Mom got to lick the bowl which meant so did little Carly. Her Mom is worried about gaining weight since she can't exercise currently, so by sharing the bowl-licking treat she won't gain any pounds. Carly is always so willing to help whenever possible, including sticking by when Mom suffers through a heat wave. Seems the medications she takes while recovering makes her break out in a sweat.

One of Carly's concerns now is the way her Mom moves about the house. Originally there was a wheeled cart for her to use but Dad took that away. Rumor has it Mom couldn't "drive" it very well and was probably a menace when up and about to anyone in her path, particularly little Carly. She does manage to announce the word "beep, beep, beep, beep" over and over so as to warn Carly to get out of the way. Even that's not a fool proof system since occasionally Carly becomes more preoccupied with what Mom is trying to say, than actually understanding she needs to get out of the way. A tad bit of miscommunication? All's well now since a better cart was located and steers much better than the first one.

Carly reports the nights are getting better now since the rag-wrapped foot hurts a little less consequently making it easier to sleep. The occasional nightly trips to the bathroom have been uneventful as Carly escorts Mom and her wheeled cart each time. Of course, little Carly still requires the fanny boost to get up on the bed but Mom and Dad are both very accommodating. They know Carly needs to keep Mom warm at night. Speaking of the butt-boosting routine, Dad has come up with a solution by bringing in an "auto-man" (another Carly term) and placed it at the foot of the bed so she can climb aboard herself. Carly has her routine for making Mom feel better by laying down on the bed belly side up for petting and her tail going thump, thump, thump the whole time. Carly definitely knows she's appreciated and so grateful to have been adopted by such loving humans.

Now as much as Carly understands she is loved she still occasionally has cause to wonder about it. Such as the day Dad took Mom out to lunch and left her at home. Mom needed to see how she'd do with her wheeled cart in the outside world since she's facing many weeks yet of recovery time, plus it was a treat to get out of the house a little while. Unfortunately it was a time for Carly to be left behind. Carly knows they'll be back but she does fret a bit. In Carly's mind why would they choose to leave her behind when she is such an important member of the team? At any rate she soon remembers she has a perfect place to sit and watch for them to return in the upstairs front window. She can survey the entire neighborhood from up there and play guard dog as she awaits their return.

So I'm going to close at this point and blog more updates tomorrow, where Carly will bring even more details regarding the actual surgery and Mom's trip to the doctor for follow-up.

It's time to say good-bye to the month of September and we'll see ya next month!

Sister VC

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