Monday, September 19, 2011


Here's another update from Carly and can you imagine how excited she is to have finally regained her position on the big bed? Life is good again.

It's me, Carly and I have some good to report. Last night we all went up to the big bed. I love the big bed!! Getting my human mom up the stairs took a lot of work from my human dad. She had to go up on her butt. She has a BFF who told her it was the way to go and it seems the nurse told her the same thing before she left the operation place. She went halfway up by lifting her butt step by step using her arms and her good leg. It seemed to be a lot of work because I was really cute and yet she couldn't relax enough to even give me a smile. My dad suggested she try crawling up on her knees so she went up the last half of the stair case that way. It certainly didn't look any easier to me. Getting her up on her good foot at the top of the stairs was also not easy. She took a shower in the big shower in the bathroom off the big bedroom but the shower and the toilet are difficult in there as the door is small and maneuvering is difficult for her. Tonight she plans to try and shower in the other bathroom upstairs as well as use the toilet in there. The room is bigger and allows her to turn her wheeled knee-ly thing even if the shower itself is smaller. She normally only takes baths so this seems to be a real stressor for her. After she showered my dad got her settled into the big bed. I was at first afraid to come upstairs until my mom called me. I got up on the big bed next to my mom and she gave me a slow massage like she did every night before she had this surgery. It was wonderful and I showed her how wonderful it was by not moving away from her all night even when she got all leaky again. I don't know why she keeps doing that since she's not exercising. It really bothers her so my dad gave her a fan that would just blow on her. After that she was able to relax and I think it was because I gave her my belly to rub. I try everything I can to make her feel better. I think the foot with all the rags on it is feeling better since she hasn't cried out in quite awhile and was even smiling today. I think she's better because we all got to sleep in the big bed. This morning getting down the stairs was much easier than getting up the stairs. She scooted down on her butt. My dad held up her ragged foot so it wouldn't catch on the stair. I kept right beside her and she petted me whenever she'd take a break from sliding. I helped! Your friend, Carly.

Congratulations Carly! You must have really slept like a baby last night back up on the big bed. I'm glad you exercised caution and waited until invited once the folks made it to the bed.

That had to have been quite an ordeal to get Mom up those stairs and I'm glad you could help, along with dad, of course. However...c' knew I'd go here...I'd love to have had a secret camera to catch all that stair climbing on video. Maybe install it in a cap on dad's head or in a pair of eyeglasses and not only would it be'd be an instant Internet Sensation! We could call it...'Carly's Candid Camera'. Or how about..'The Guiding Foot' or maybe 'As the Foot Heals'? 'All My Toes'?

Now granted, Mom won't find this the least bit amusing. Not at this point anyway. I fact, I'm pretty sure she'd ve-toe it from the get-go, pardon the puns. But it would sure be funny to the rest of us...and eventually her too...hopefully? But then that's me...Sister Wise-Ass!

Seriously, it could be a daily documentary, a progress record in a daily video clip...see how fast she can take the stairs each day. Is she faster going up or coming down? With her sidekick there, rolling around and being cute....we're talking instant hit....sorry, I smells opportunity here little buddy. But hey, do what you will. I'm just sayin'...this could be fun. How about taking side bets on her timing? How many minutes between take off and landing? Is her timing better AM or PM? How long before she gets butt-burn? Sorry, it just keeps coming.

Okay, well at least things sound as though they are beginning to improve so as long as you watch your manners things should continue to go smoothly. Just don't be leaving any more calling cards in Dad's office, ya hear?
Keep me posted on progress, Sister VC

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