Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Okay, I hereby confess...I've been teased about it plenty but in bearing my soul, I'll fess up to the truth of the matter...I am indeed a weather geek, a sky gazer who is easily excited at the sight of a cloud. But then I live in the desert, a mostly sunny desert and it's more likely to rain dirt than let loose with the wet stuff. My fellow sisters of the hood and I do love to gaze out the windows and watch for any sort of weather activity and thank goodness for the birds because rain is a rare occurrence. But on to my real point, perhaps my latest beef, or if you will, a somewhat bitchy blog.

I'm talking about the very people I watch on the weather channel...and, yes I do frequently watch the weather channel as well as the weather on our local channels. Most times it's just aggravating because nothing but sunny skies is ever predicted here...oh, that and those awful excessive heat warnings we have going on currently. Yeah, remember it is summertime...duh! What do we expect? Summer usually means hot here, but don't get me wrong...I'll take boring sunny stuff over the disasters I see on TV any day.

Since I have cat acquaintances in various places around the USA I like to keep tabs on what's going on weather-wise for them too. So naturally when something like Irene develops I'm on full alert. Irene is really what sent me over the edge. It was a nasty storm, a horrible hurricane that caused destruction along it's path that will take months to clean up after. While it's bad enough Mother Nature provides these awful occurrences it's just way over the top to have to watch certain individuals literally making asses out of themselves in order to broadcast it. Seriously, it's almost too much and I really think it's high time I just get this off my hairy little chest before my dew point blows. Now let's see a show of paws from anyone else who's become as annoyed as I have regarding the overdone dramatics of our dear weather reporters. Frankly, I find it to be very in I am embarrassed just watching them.

When the wind is blowing a zillion miles an hour sideways, your clothes are about to blow off of you, it's raining...pardon the expression...cats and dogs with lightning flashes in every direction, what kind of idiot feels the need to stand out in it to prove to the world it is indeed storming? I could name names here...yeah, again I confess...I know them all, but I'll refrain. Let's face it cats, humans sometimes leave me in a state of wonder. As in I wonder what they're thinking sometimes....or are they?!

There's water rushing past you in the street, the sidewalk behind you is practically dry yet you insist on donning your little rain boots to stand in the middle of a knee-high puddle to tell us it truly rained. There you stand, totally soaked to the core, trying to stay upright with a death grip on the microphone, as you holler over the sound of this massive storm, just to show that without a doubt it is raining. There's a freaking blizzard going on, snowing so hard we barely see the icicles hanging off your nose, your lips are chattering, yet there you stand, frozen in place to let us know it's snowing. Is there some sort of Meteorologist Heroics Award show coming up? Do you win a weather Oscar, maybe a Golden Weather Vane or perhaps earn a star on Hollywood Blvd? Just what is wrong with you people?

Do you think that the viewers are too stupid to not recognize these weather conditions through a window where you would be dry and safe? Do you think we're weather illiterates or what? Better yet, do you have any idea how truly ridiculous you look? Especially when you hear the authorities warning everyone to get the hell outa Dodge before the storm arrives...yet there you stand practically sideways looking more like a weather clown than a professional meteorologist. Trust me...we get it. Makes me wonder if any of them ever watch a replay of what they do. Bets on who flies into oblivion first? I gotta go now...I can feel my humidity is up and pretty sure my barometric pressure is out of control.
Sister VC...

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