Thursday, September 15, 2011


In my attempt to catch up with Carly's notes I'll be posting several times. This one came in late the night before the surgery and it's no wonder she's a worried little pooch. Read on...

Hi Sister VC,

I understand you say not to worry but you also have to know....they gave me a BATH today and I didn't even rub in anything! She said she was doing it because she needed me to stay clean for quite awhile. Don't forget the Hue-mane Society gave me a bath before they put me up for adoption. It's hard not to be scared. She does say I'm silky and soft when I'm clean so maybe it was to make her love me more? She did let me up on the big bed and gave me a rub but she seems to be having some kind of anxiety too because she can't sleep. She thinks it may be because they told her nothing to eat or drink after midnight. They usually let me sleep
in the big bed between them or down on one of their legs. If my Mom is having foot pain, do you think they'll let me sleep on the big bed if I stay on my Dad's side on his legs?

You may be right about something going on with my Mom's foot. She was trying to walk on one foot with two long sticks she called "crushes". She said that she wishes she was 20# lighter so it wouldn't hurt her arms so much. She also tried to go up and down the stairs. It was pretty funny. I think she must have some balance issues. I kept laying belly up 2 steps in front of her. She laughed and said I wasn't helping. I was just trying to show her that I'm a good dog so she won't ever want to get rid of me. I also think it helped her because she was laughing.

We had a storm again tonight. That's like four nights in a row. The humans seem awfully glad to see the wet stuff even if it comes with all that lightning and thunder. It sounds like you like it also.
From your friend, Carly

Hey Carly!

Well, I can't say I blame you for being nervous about the goings-on at home, but don't go paranoid on me here. You are NOT going back to the Humane Society or anywhere else. Erase that thought once and for all. These humans are 100% stuck on you and consequently, you're stuck with them.

A BATH for no reason, however, could be a legitimate concern. Sounds like it might be your last one for awhile too, so better think twice before you roll in anything. On the other paw you could consider yourself having just entered a bath-free zone and roll away to your heart's content but remember, you roll in it, you wear it. If Mom doesn't like what you smell like...well, little buddy, you'll be in deep shit then.

So Mom tried out some crutches, huh? I bet that was some good entertainment along with your cute clown routine on the stairs in front of her. You do realize you were taking your own life in your paws don't you? See, my human has known your human for many, many moons and frankly, can't see the crutches thing. Nope, can't wrap my paws around that. Take my advice though and if she attempts this feat again...git the hell outa the way. You do not want to end up at the bottom of the heap.

I'm also betting against her making it up those stairs for awhile either so just hang out wherever and try to not get under foot. Sorry you had to endure another storm and here I was all excited to finally see some rain. Isn't that the way it always goes?

Okay, I see there's more mail from you so stay tuned, I'll be back.
Sr. VC

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