Saturday, August 20, 2011


Have you ever repeated a word over and over until you decide it's the silliest or dumbest sounding word you ever heard? Almost any word will do. Well, of course not words like cat, kitty, here kitty, meow, mew, purr, sweet, cute, furry, etc.

Anyway, before we travel down that road I need to vent just a little about a couple of things that are rather disturbing to the feline order. In a nutshell, modern technology has really cramped our style. How it saddens me to realize that gone are the days of the nice relaxing, oh so warm naps atop the nice big 24 inch monitor where you sit at your computer and peck away. What happened to my nappy place? Where I keep you company and provide an abundance of inspiration for you to share with the readers...why...why...why? What's with this itty bitty flat screen piece of metal anyway? Can you not see the problem here? How the hell am I supposed to climb up on this new fan dangled thing you gawk at now? Trust me, I've tried, I've failed. It's not funny, McGee. You've really managed to harsh-en my mellow. Oh, and that's not to mention what's happened in the bedroom. I mean seriously, just what is going on? Have I done something to offend you so bad that you double up my pain and suffering? Is it the occasional hairball I blow...I do try to keep that discreet you know. I just fail to understand how I could have upset you so much that you just toss my 32 inch TV aside and bring in that flat pancake thing that you can hang on the wall. You're just lucky I can still nap on the cable box...or is that next? Well, that's it, I've said it. It's out in the open now and I've had my say. But I touch that cable box and I will wreak havoc on what clean spots of carpet you have left. That's a promise. Now to continue with my original thought before some other mistake you've made comes to my attention.

So, anyway...words...some are just too bizarre to even explain, some just look funny, some sound funny, some you're almost embarrassed to say out loud. Today I'm just going to go off on one word in particular because in my opinion...and believe me my opinion counts...this has got to be at the top of the list as far as a dumb looking, stupid sounding, ridiculous arrangement for 4 letters of the alphabet that I have ever heard. You're probably thinking I'm going for 'tweet' or 'Google' but I'll save those for another time. No, today's winner is none other than B-L-O-G. So blog this one people. How the blog did they come up with a word like this? How the blog do these words happen? Was someone out of their blogging mind? Who gets credit for inventing this blog word anyway? Makes you blogging wonder doesn't it?

It is in the dictionary because when I began this blogging jazz back in February 2010 I looked it up. It's described as an online journal. Online...another crazy word, but let's blog on.

So with such a silly word I'd thought I'd just toss it around a few times for let's say...something to blog about, okay? Imagine if you will...
Old MacDonald had a blog, E-I-E-I-O. A blog-blog here and a blog-blog there, here a blog, there a blog, everywhere a blog. E-I-E-I-Blog.

Try this one....This little bloggy went to market, this little bloggy went unread, this little bloggy says it's time I was fed. And this little bloggy cried blog, blog, blog all the way home.

This is blogging good fun....
Row, row, row your blog gently down the internet...merrily, merrily, merrily, a blog you won't soon forget.

Hang on, I have more...
Blog light, blog bright. first blog I read tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, blog again tomorrow night.

And for the holidays...
Searching thru the net...with a full HD display
O'er the web we go...blogging all the way.
Oh, jingle blog, jingle blog, jingle all the way.

And for my finale...
Hush little blog...don't type a word...rewriting this would be absurd.
Go to sleep now, give it a rest..this must have been a blogging test.

Say Good Blog Sister Very Catty

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