Wednesday, November 30, 2011


That's right...brace yourselves. You might ask why and I might say because winter is coming, or perhaps I've got news, or maybe I need to be honest and tell you those pants do make your butt look big. Or I might say brace yourselves because a nasty gram arrived in the mail today from a bill collector, or how's about your mother-in-law is coming to visit? Yeah, I might say any one of those things...but I won't. Instead my brace yourselves warning comes as a result of a horrible rumor I read today that tells me yet another member of that family that nobody gives a hoot about keeping up with might be featured on the next DWTS season. Can we take another one? Granted the most recent one turned out all right but this potential one I'm referring to...let's just say I can feel the fur on my back rising as I write, the urge to hiss and spit is really strong, I may have to go rearrange the litter in my box. Hard as I have tried to avoid "keeping up" the fact remains it is darn near impossible not to because every time you turn around there's a headline with one of their names on it. And now it's come to this...the threat of not just another one hitting DWTS, but the worst one of all...the in-your-face, bossy butt, camera-hogging mother hen.

Frankly, I just don't know if I can go on. There have been occasions when I was in the room while there was channel surfing occurring and once in awhile the TV would land on that ludicrous expose. Has everyone not yet signed the petition? Come on people, work with me here. Who do we need to Occupy to prevent watching another season of not-really stars ruin DWTS?

What's the world coming to? Do we really care if that short, top-heavy, attention-craving little rich girl suffering from make-up overload divorces that you've-got-to-be-kidding-me Lurch Look-a-Like? Seriously?! And now big sister to the rescue breeding more of this herd, possibly tying the knot, maybe just a little damage control going on here?

So why not throw the know-it-all old busybody to the dancing wolves? Actually now that I've vented a little I'm starting to rethink things a bit. Dancing is a really strenuous workout in itself. If you're not in shape to begin with then these dancing lessons are gonna really kick your ass. Not to mention I pity the poor guy who gets stuck with this "contestant". I just pray it's not Maksim. He had a tough enough season with no "hope" of winning it and doesn't deserve such cruel treatment.

So obviously no one has asked me yet who I would suggest as contestants next season. My offer to assist still stands, of course. It was such a tough week for me, this first week without DWTS so I suppose I just felt like venting a little. Seems as though withdrawals have set in. Yes, it was difficult enough waking up Monday & Tuesday knowing there would be no DWTS that evening and then....and then I saw that rumor and it just sent me over the edge.

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