Wednesday, November 23, 2011


A happy Thanksgiving to all on this Thanksgiving Eve for 'tis time to entertain extra company, possibly tolerate obnoxious football cheers from the peanut gallery, slave over extra cooking and cleaning chores along with over-stuffing one's self with too much turkey and all those fixins' and for dessert on top of that cream covered pumpkin pie say hello to our final Mercury Retrograde for 2011. Yep, hate to ruin dinner people but it's time once again to be on alert and watch what you say, how you say it and to who you say it. Double check all your math, your correspondence, your flight times, try not to screw up your checkbook, dial the wrong number or inadvertently mail that birthday card to the ex-wife. Any of these things can happen to any one but with extra care you can hopefully avoid those mishaps. But be sure and email me all your screw up stories cuz it makes for great reading. C'mon now, you've got until December 13th to mess up something so on your marks, get set, go...

Besides, I need something to help me through withdrawals now that DWTS has ended another season. It was a tough fight to the finish and I honestly couldn't tell who would take the trophy. I pegged Ricki Lake to place third and she did but both Rob and JR danced so well I couldn't predict who would take the trophy. Congrats to JR and great job, Rob.

Now don't get me wrong here people...I am totally anti-Kardashi-u-no-who's...get them off the television puuleeze!!! Enough already with that family. I just sort of feel for Rob being the only male out of six siblings. I don't want to point paws or name names or anything but that one sister has got to be an embarrassment. Which sister you ask? Oh, just pick one, but I'm referring to the one who recently said 'I do' and then didn't. Latest word is because new hubby said something to the effect that her butts big and that her fame won't last. True and true...but perhaps he should not have said that out loud. Main thing is the rest of us frankly don't give a dam.

So no more DWTS for awhile and let's all pray they take time to come up with some real stars next season. I mean they really scraped the bottom of the barrel this time and it was so disappointing to tune in and discover that over half of them you never heard of. A soccer champ? As a seriously anti-sports cat why would I recognize her as a 'star'? I'm still upset over that. Now at least we all know who Chaz is but what was with an ex-girlfriend of George Clooney? If not for George, again we'd be asking who is she? The unfortunate few who recognized the scowl-faced prosecutor, talk show host, whatever wondered how she was suddenly raised to 'star level'? Honestly, her presence was like a cruel and unnecessary punishment to your loyal DWTS fans. You do realize how hard it was to watch that? Bless that poor guy who had to dance with her. Wonder what he ever did to deserve that? David Arquette was an absolute delight to watch and yet we were left with Miss LackofGrace. But no sense crying over spilled's over and it was great dancing as always. However, I did want to throw in a couple names as suggested contestants for next season. I vote for real stars this time, not wannabees. Stars we recognize along with a few sacrificial losers, of course.

My first vote goes to a cat who dances so well already that I'd suggest he be an instructor. I'm referring to a cat who can bust a move, a cat with pure musicality, fluid arm movements, light on his paws as he glides his partner over the dance floor. We're talking about Puss n' Boots, of course. Have you seen his new movie? Fantastic. He dances with Miss Soft Toes and we're talking Mirror-ball Winner all the way. Bruno would love him.

Then I thought Ellen should give it a shot since she loves to dance and seems to move about real smooth and obviously she's got rhythm. Besides, she'd have a ball and be a hoot to watch. Betty White would be another great star, wonder if she's booked already. Who else? Oh, how about David Schwimmer, aka Ross Geller? He'd be fun. Throw in Dr. Phil...just so the ever-bright Brooke can shove the mike in his face and ask one of her brilliant questions like how does dancing make you feel?

Anyway, I could certainly come up with a list of stars but for some reason...nobody asked me. It's almost as though they really don't care what I think. Oh well.

Happy Thanksgiving Turkeys, One & All!

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