Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sister Very Catty resides in an off-campus type convent that houses a small scale in-house specialty kitchen. The CasaBlanca Cuisine is probably more of an experimental kitchen for therapeutic purposes for the chefs, although all visitors seem to go away quite content with whatever they were offered on a plate.

As this blog travels thru my day to day life not only will I play a good listener to your troubles and offer my thoughts, I shall also share with you some of the fabulous creations that come out of this kitchen. Should anyone out there ever desire to have a recipe I’m sure the chefs will share. You must realize that everything I witness is usually from ground level...unless I catch a break and get away with jumping up on the kitchen stool. The cooks frown on my possible shedding. Imagine that! Doesn't everything taste a little better with cat hair in it?!

Today’s feat consisted of a beautiful 4-tiered chocolate cake made from scratch topped with yummy chocolate frosting made with sour cream. Taken from one of the Bon App├ętit magazines it looks divine. Only downside to the recipe was the fact that the round cake pans were to be only 5 inches round rather than the typical 9 inches and I don't eat chocolate unless it's on tuna.

Yet to be attempted this evening is homemade ravioli...well, if homemade counts using won ton skins.
Stuffing with ricotta cheese and spinach. Sounds great and I’m praying for an opportunity to sample that cheese! Dear Lord, please provide a small accidental spill on the floor.

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