Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lost in CyberSpace?

First it was just Tuesday, then I lost Wednesday too! The only way I can account for having lost two whole days is to blame the internet. All I wanted was a cool looking background for this Blog. You know, just a little bit of research, no big deal. Next thing you know, it's Thursday.
Too many choices, too many websites to see, topped off with having to follow installation procedures....what have I gotten myself in to?
I finally decide on a nice design, really pretty, colorful...this was the one. I endured the installation process, hit the save button, I'm almost there, I can feel it, I just know we're home and did not compute! C'mon now, I do not speak computer! Not to mention the fact that I was cross-eyed by the time I went back and forth between the Blog, the instructions, back to the blog, and I'm not even Siamese! Do you have any idea how tricky it is to use this keyboard with two paws?
Anyway, the search has come to an end and at long last I have successfully installed the background you now see. Hope it was worth it.
You know the web really should have warnings pop up whenever one is about to go into a search. Like for instance: Researcher Beware...this could take days out of your life! Or say every 15 minutes: Halt Research...Eat Yourself!
I see we have some e-mail to answer, people with real troubles needing my comments so on to the real task at paw. Remember you can e-mail your concerns to me at:
I'll tell ya how to get over it?!
Blessings to all!

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