Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recipe Ruby seeks help

Recipe Ruby writes......
I'm finding myself in dire straits and need advice. Due to the current economy, an unbearable bitchy boss and the age factor I have recently found myself enjoying a new-found state of retirement. Unfortunately, I am now facing a dilemma commonly referred to as downsizing. Since space may soon be a factor all eyes seem to be focused on my small cookbook collection. I only have slightly over 1,000 books some dating back to the turn of the previous century. It's positively a priceless collection and I have treasured it for years. The subject of an RV is in the air, maybe even a townhouse...OMG, what am I to do?

Dear Ruby,
Part with your cookbooks? Are you missing ingredients here?! Read the recipe on the wall, keep those books, every single one. Simply dump hubby's tools since he won't be needing them on the road and buy a Bookmobile, install a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and load up those books.
Bon Voyage
Sister VC

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