Monday, February 22, 2010

Day two of Blog Central?

Since this Blogging jazz is pretty foreign to me I do hope my readers (both of them)will forgive me as I struggle thru the learning process. If I'm doing this correctly, this will land under what I wrote yesterday. And if I'm not doing it correctly...who's gonna care?
Today was a nice rainy day, perhaps dreary to some but get over it! We get way too many darn nice sunny days! Boring!
Speaking of a weather event, let's have a word regarding our dear weather channel announcers. How many viewers out there can't wait to see Jim Cantore and his stories get blown from the Atlantic to the Pacific? Why does he think he needs to stand out in the blowing hurricane conditions to report the weather to us? How soaked does he need to be before he thinks we can tell it really is raining? And pardon my asking, but who invited Al Roker anyway?
Well, for tonight's services we are delighted to have our little "choir" at practice. Prior to having my ear drums blasted to kingdom come I now hide out in the back room while they practice. Curling up in the base drum is not advised. The CasaBlanca Cuisine kitchen has a crockpot full of yummy meatballs with their special secret sauce and potato torte squares.
Blessings to all. Keep those cards and letters coming in...

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