Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Anybody else notice what was on TV this past week? A golden opportunity to watch some real golden oldies, that's what. I'm talkin' bout old black and white episodes of the Andy Griffith Show in tribute to their 50th anniversary. That's right...a fifty day vacation in goofy, sleepy-old Mayberry. What a treat to revisit Andy, Opie, Aunt Bea, Barney, and their quirky small-town pals.

While I'm not going to meow on and on about the good old days, or how things just aren't what they used to be, blah, blah, blah...I am going to squawk a bit about what's happening on the boob tube currently. Of course, nothing stays the same, we all know that. I mean who would really want to remain in the fifties or sixties anyway? Got to keep moving forward...progress, people! It is nice, however, to reminisce from time to time and seeing Sheriff Taylor certainly stirs up some happy memories of yesteryear...you know...when watching television was actually enjoyable.

On the rare occasion a good program comes on these days, its life expectancy is short. On and on they go about the exciting new season opener and next thing you know, four or so episodes later, it's the season finale. Bait you, hook you, and you're back sucking pond-water.

For the most part it seems television has traded the good old days of the hour long variety shows of singing, dancing, and comedy skits for the dislikes of say 'Project Runway', for instance, where you gaze at angry, emaciated waifs sashaying down the runway. Holy cat claws! Who will be our next top model?...WHO GIVES A SCRATCH! (Just once I'd like to see one of those skinny bitties do a diva dive off the end of the runway...stilettos flying...now that might be worth watching!)

Nowadays you've got your choice between the Bitchy Housewives of Wherever, Keeping up with the Kardashia-who's, or a miscellaneous assortment of attention-starved bozos. I mean, seriously, who are these people? Does anyone watch this crap on purpose? If only Deano was still around crooning 'everybody loves somebody sometime'...

I could go on and on, let loose with a few more well earned insults toward the situation, but then I'm only a cat so I'll leave it at that. Instead I give much deserved kudos to The Weather Channel, The Cooking Channel, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel and my personal favorite - Animal Planet featuring Cats 101. Now that's entertainment!

Blessings & Happy Channel Suffering...'er I mean Surfing

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  1. Excellent Catty observation my feline sistah!
    And for a real Mayberry fix - visit Mount Airy North Carolina -- Andy Griffith's hometown and creative spark for his show. It's adorable! I went several years ago and my visit was so nostalgic and fun. Love from Bettina the tour guidess