Wednesday, September 29, 2010


When did this become a once-a-month blog....what's up with that? So this month's post will be in response to a recent note from one who seems to be at a crossroads:

Dear Sister VC,

I have finally made my way out of menopause only to find myself once again in puberty at the age of 59! For example: developing a crush on someone unattainable; revisiting old childhood hurts!! Please don't tell me to get a pet...I am a world traveler and can't be tied down right now.

Any thoughts?
Perplexed in Pennsylvania

Dear PP,

Curious....who's steering the course on your ship's Tour de Life? Occurs to me, a neighborhood traveler myself, that maybe you need a new route master.

I'm sensing that by making your way out of men-o-pause you temporarily chose a single life and are now entertaining the possibilities of having a relationship.

Puberty at any age basically sucks...get over it. Does the upcoming number '60' bother you? Get over that, too. Absolutely nothing you can do about it and if Cher can't turn back time, neither can you. Maybe puberty isn't the issue any more than menopause.

Did you forget you're the captain of your own ship? As a cat with most of her nine lives still in tact, I'm feeling the need to spell it out, for you who has but one life.

You claim YOU, a woman of free will and sound mind, allowed yourself to develop a crush on someone unattainable. Allowed being the key word here, not crush, not unattainable. Has it not occurred to you that maybe this crush came about with someone unattainable because of that factor? Subconsciously you fear re-entry to the dating scene with an available someone? Face it, should the unattainable someone not be on board with you the ship will never sail anyway.

Concerning the old childhood did say you were 59 years old, right? Way past time to don the big girl panties and get over that too! C'mon...old hurts? To the cat box with the scat I say. Huge waste of time on your part to dwell on things of that sort. Besides the fact that if you keep looking back you may very well miss what's ahead. Next thing I suppose you'll tell me you're a recovering Catholic.

Now regarding you're not having a pet....that's just wrong. Where would Thumbs be today if I had not wanted a human? A pet should be your very reason for existence and I highly recommend a a cat!

Blessings & Bon Voyage,
Sister Very Catty

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