Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well cats, break out the cream and a bit of nip, it’s party time. Hope you all had a nice visit from Santa and are ready to welcome 2012. I know I hit the jackpot and was the lucky recipient of a super variety of treats. My favorite Aunt gave me some tasty crispy treats in a salmon flavor, along with a delightful seafood medley, and my personal favorite chicken, liver & beef BBQ flavor. I’m in hog heaven. I also scored a new toy filled with catnip so I’ll be doin’ my celebrating tonight from home.

Yep, nothing beats a great platter of ocean whitefish shreds with sardines in a nice gravy for dinner. Then I’m headed in to digest it with my new catnip loaded toy atop the thick furry blanket on my sidekick’s big cushy bed while she’s out having dinner at a friend’s house.

So a very happy new year to all you cats out there, here’s to a prosperous 2012 to each and everyone. Be safe and see ya next year!


Sister Very Catty & Hungry!

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