Thursday, October 6, 2011


Oops, got a few days behind in blogging again...unintentionally, of course. Okay, I'll confess! It's not my fault at all. My 'altar ego' aka my creator & typist seems a bit absorbed in the new television Fall line up...mainly DWTS. Somewhere between watching the contestants perform on Monday night and then anxiously awaiting to see who gets kicked off the dance floor on Tuesday night...well, she gets lost. Go figure this is what she wants to talk about before we get back to Carly and a 'As the Foot Heels' update.

Speaking of DWTS, awhile back we defended Chaz, feeling he might as well have a shot at the trophy like anyone else. However, I'm afraid I have to report the dude does not seem to have much in the way of rhythm. At least not in his feet anyway. In fact, he hardly moves. I'd even be concerned if his ass was on fire...seriously. I definitely wouldn't describe what he does on Monday nights as dancing. Looks more like he's the support pole for his very wiggly partner. The previous week it was his knees that held him back and obviously if he'd drop some pounds he'd not have so much trouble. The dancing would sure help him do that but one's got to actually move around in the process. I'm seriously worried for Chaz. I'd hate to think his mother's impending appearance in the audience next week is the only reason he was voted to stay but that seems to be what people think. Personally, I'd love to see Cher there but I just hope Chaz can come up with a routine he can move to so his Mom's not too embarrassed.

While I'm on a roll I might as well comment on a couple of the other contestants too. There are some good things happening and improvements noted each week. I suppose we could say it's so easy to spot the bad dancers right now and those that are really dancing and getting better are making it tougher each week to see who will win.

Now I'm sure it's no secret we need to get rid of Nancy the all honesty I find that hard to watch. I just feel whenever her partner has to swing her around or dip her that he's going to seriously injure his back, tip over or drop her. Partner her up with Chaz and stop the madness. The soccer champ does so-so but she just seems to not want to lady-up enough to pull it off.

The silly male fashionista is hilarious and seems to be entertaining enough that you don't pay much attention to the fact that it's supposed to be ballroom dancing. He'd probably just as soon have a dinner date with Max as to take home any trophy for dancing.

Okay, I think that's enough of a review for now. I do enjoy the show and obviously it's not really a dance competition but rather a popularity contest. I just hope next season they find some real stars. Wonder if Betty White is available or how about Ellen...she can dance! Try Oprah or what about Tim Allen, where's George Castanza? I could think of a lot of real stars I'd rather see than this year's rather lame selection so it's too bad no one asked me.

Moving on to Carly I believe she recently shared her concerns about Mom's threat to attempt another go with the crutches. As luck would have it she almost fell when she tried using them again so that mission was immediately aborted. Luck held out again when a car race came on TV so Mom decided to remain on the couch and relax and watch it between grabbing a few zzz's and rubbing Carly's freckled belly.

Unfortunately Carly thinks her luck ran out because, much to her surprise, Dad decided to give her a bath. An unwarranted bath in Carly's mind. After all she had been a good girl, had not rolled in anything, dedicating all her free time to helping Mom get better. Carly hates getting wet and the only good part of the ordeal was being wrapped in a big warm towel and being placed on Mom's chest. Mom made sure she was dry and Carly let her know she appreciated it by licking her nose and mouth. That's a definite dog thing we cats just don't get. Anyway she hopes that's the only bath she'll have to have. Of course, I had to set her straight and let her know she doesn't have to roll in anything to be made to take a bath. See, dogs are so behind the times. Cats bathe themselves and rarely do they tolerate a human putting them in a tub of water. No way, never gonna least not without claws and a major war. Dogs just can't do it themselves and humans want them to smell nice so that's life,'s bath time. It's really a small price to pay for the luxury of living indoors...think about it.

Then Carly goes and gets lizard breath...yes, caught herself a lizard which Mom didn't approve of because lizards kill bugs. Then to top things off it didn't even taste good so she spit it out. Carly...such a dog. What else can I say?
Good Night...Sister Very Catty

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