Monday, October 3, 2011


Poor Carly's recent stroll was jeopardized when they took Mom along with her wheeled on...

Hi Sister, it's me Carly. I thought I'd write and tell you about Mom's latest adventure. Yesterday after dinner and, of course, my dinner treats, we all went for a walk. Well, to be honest Dad & I went for a walk like we often do and my human Mom tried to go on her wheelie thing that she kneels on. She didn't do too good. The first part was uphill and she was slow. I was trying to sniff everything and Dad usually keeps up with me at a good clip but my Mom was so slow we had to keep waiting for her. I didn't mind though because it was nice to have her along. We got the mail which is a short block away. After that it was downhill for awhile. She could go faster but her wheels kept hitting the little rocks on the sidewalk. Each time it jerked the handles of her kneely wheelie thing and almost threw her to the ground. After several such incidents she decided just to cut the walk short and go home. Dad didn't want to leave her to go home by herself so we all came back. I wanted to walk more and was disappointed but they gave me a treat when I got home, just like when I walk the whole way so I'm okay with that. Mom was awfully tired when we got back. She used to walk a mile or so with me so I think having this foot kasd has really zapped her strength. I hope she builds it up soon, I like to walk with her. Carly.

Dear Carly,
Well, bless your tiny buns for trying to take Mom along. Unfortunately my best advice though would be to leave her at home. The longer she keeps weight off that foot the better she'll walk with you in the future. Future being a couple months away yet so you hang tight with Dad until she's capable of rejoining you on the walks. It's all for the better, trust me. Maybe if you gave Dad some treats for taking you on more walks you could get away with more serious sniffing adventures. I know Mom misses the walking but perhaps she can watch you guys from your upstairs look-out post.
Now tell me you didn't get a chuckle out of seeing Mom when her wheelie thing hit the skids because of a tiny rock in the road. From my wise cracking view I see that kind of funny but would not have been had it taken her over the again I suggest leaving her in the window!
Sister VC

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