Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yeah, yeah, gobble, gobble, gobble
It’s once again that time of year
People got people comin’ over
And turkeys runnin’ in fear.

There’s probably pumpkin pies to bake
Potatoes to peel and veggies to steam
Stuffing to make & gravy needs to thicken
Oh, hairballs I think I’m gonna scream.

Amidst this major state of commotion
I plead with you not to forget me
Eat all you want, visit all you want
I smell that bird, don't make me plea.

I’m letting you know one and all
This holiday is filled with gratitude
Let’s all be thankful quickly please
And get right straight to the food.

I pray you drop one simple little turkey patty
In that dish just for Sister Very Catty!
Happy Thanksgiving and to all a good burp!

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