Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hot Dogs in the Desert

Baking Soon in the Desert wrote:
Dear Sister Very Catty:
While taking my pooch FiFi to the vet I noticed one of your cards at the front desk and thought I'd send you a line.
FiFi and I have a big problem. I am an older traveling lady - since 1999 I've been traveling around the USA with FiFi - working seasonal jobs in order to see all of the United States - supporting ourselves as we go.
Well, FiFi and I now want to settle down and we've chosen a great little community to move to on the central coast of California. Right now we are wintering in sunny Arizona while I am doing a seasonal assignment and FiFi hangs out in the RV.
There is an absolutely perfect job for me in our new home community - however due to the current statewide hiring freeze - the job just isn't open right now. FiFi and I just can't bear the thought of a summer in this desert heat (120 degrees!!!) you have any ideas on what we can do??? It's already March and we've got to have a plan by the end of May!

Sister VC answers:
Dear Baking Buddies:
Not sure what it's going to take to thaw that freeze but I'd suggest having a back up plan in place just in case. You mentioned seasonal work...and California...hmm...what about earthquake season? Are you sure you've seen all 50 states?
While you wait for the thaw how's about dressing FiFi up in a hot pink fluffy skirt, hook up a tiny accordion to her, and let her dance for coins on the corner? Post a sign saying you're working your way west? Everybody falls for a pooch in a pink skirt!
Meantime hang tough...that's keep the faith in layman's terms.

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