Tuesday, March 16, 2010

E-Mail vs The Real Thing

Dear Sister Very Catty,

I’m wondering if it’s just me! Am I merely old-fashioned, behind the times, stuck in old-school? Perhaps unwilling to change or move with the times, set in my ways or just WHAT?

I have friends who seem offended that I don’t e-mail….like this would bother me! So a friend told me about your advice blog and I had her send you my concerns.

My question is why is it that people don’t send real mail anymore? What’s with this e-mail jazz anyway? It barely takes a second to push a button on a keyboard, absolutely no thought process involved in regard to the recipient, and I hear for the most part, it’s just silly jokes anyway. Do they think this counts as hearing from someone? I mean sure it’s nice to know they must still be breathing if they can hit that send button but is that all there is?

Hasn’t everyone gotten excited to see there’s an e-mail from someone they hadn’t heard from in a long time only to immediately feel let down because it’s just another Tiger Woods joke. Is it the 44 cents for the stamp, too much trouble to find an envelope, or just can’t sit still long enough to put a few thoughts on paper?

Empty Mailbox

Dear Empty Mailbox,

You’re obviously suffering from letter withdrawal syndrome but be assured you are not alone. I suppose we could campaign to increase the pen pal population but if we can’t get people to write a simple hello-how-the-dickens-are-you-letter, I fear we’re stuck in computer camp.

Many share your plight though. In fact this past Sunday Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes had a very good commentary regarding this very subject . People don’t communicate the same way anymore. Now it’s a scary thing to see people driving and holding their cell phone, no doubt preoccupied with the call rather than the traffic. You have the people walking around looking like they’re talking to themselves because you can’t see their ear buds. Or better yet, have you watched some idiot walk into something because they were so busy pushing micro mini buttons on a tiny object cupped in one hand they didn’t bother to watch where they were walking!? Now that’s funny!

Personally, I don’t think anything can ever replace going to the mailbox and finding a handwritten envelope addressed to me from someone. A welcome surprise….someone took the time to write and I can’t wait to read it.

Next it’s what shall I do….grab a couple seafood treats and curl up in a sunspot on the living room carpet...or grab my reading glasses and me and my letter head for the cat box, you know, do a little time in the “library”! It’s all about how to savor the moment.

Like Andy said Sunday evening...what about the Post Office...people aren’t buying newspapers because they can read all about it on the internet. People are also not buying postage stamps to mail these letters they no longer write because they have their noses stuck on the internet! Holy Crap, what happens when we have no post office? Good grief, what would we have to bitch about without the post office??!!

Now there’s a threat the post office may cease Saturday deliveries. I can understand the cutback and I can see the positive side...this means no windowed envelopes with an enclosed envelope wanting money, it can mean no junk mail to recycle, no unwanted periodicals or catalogs, but most of all...one lost opportunity of getting another personal letter.

These are definite thoughts to ponder and I vote we all pick up a pen and paper and write someone somewhere today. You don’t even have to lick the stamps anymore people. Post it!

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