Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hope you humans all enjoyed a nice Valentine's Day, maybe scored some yummy chocolates. Let me tell you a little secret. Your best bet is to celebrate the day after. Beautiful bouquets of flowers, roses, orchids, etc. now half price. Lovely boxes of gourmet chocolates marked down 75%! Stores have to get rid of all of it so you might as well fore go the day a mere 24 hours.

Taking today's economic situation into consideration it's no wonder everyone must monitor their spending a lot closer. A sale is a sale, all the flowers are still fresh, the candy is still yummy, what's a day's difference when it comes to saving money?

Did you hear Cupid was even in dire straits this year? Couldn't meet all his valentine requests due to his hours being cut back. Poor dude already works without benefits and then they cut his hours. Makes no difference to the higher ups that he doesn't have enough hours in a shift to complete his deliveries. They just bark at him to do it faster. Nor does it seem to matter that he's been a long time faithful employee, always willing to work a flexible schedule, be on call, but no, too bad, too sad. Even Cupid knows he's replaceable. Is job security a thing of the past?

What's the world coming to? Whatever happened to employee appreciation anyway? These days one is expected to show up on time, do the work as instructed and carry on as though you are grateful just to have a job. The employer lords it over you, that you either accept shorter hours, less pay, no bennies or the next one in line gladly (temporarily) takes your place. That simple. And insurance? What? Another thing of the past. You're on your own with that because you're not full time remember? Such a vicious cycle.

Wasn't it said that life's like a box of chocolates? My advice is go buy yourself a box of leftover Valentine candy and live it up for once. Remember when life doesn't seem fair, there's always chocolate and the day after it's always on sale. That much you can count on!

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