Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Can you believe it? January is done. It's over. All 31 days are forever gone, completely spent. Were you ready for that? Didn't you just put away Christmas decorations? Please tell me you have taken down the lights!

One minute it was New Year's Eve, the next we're staring at Groundhog Day on the calendar. So did everything get done on that 'good intentions' list...you know, all the stuff to get done in January to get a fresh start on a new year. Yeah, good intentions are always better than no intentions so don't feel bad. There's always February but be warned...only 29 days so you'll need to kick it up a notch.

As far as the January headlines around the world it was the same old doom and gloom since that seems to be the main point to 'breaking news' reporting the worst possible events. I mean seriously, have you ever had a television show interrupted to tell you a good thing?!

Then in the political arena (circus-not caucus)there's really no sense in commenting on the so-called presidential candidates...more like bumpkins than candidates. They are all so busy degrading the opponents you have no clue what they're really all about but you sure learn the other guy's faults don't you? I've got one word to sum the lot of them up...embarrassing. That's all I have to say on it except that I am glad to be feline and not have to pay attention to such political malfunctioning.

Then we've got your weather. While sunny and 70 degrees in some parts, other places have been completely devastated by tornadoes. Mother Nature never did play a fair game. One state can have floods while another suffers drought conditions. This states unbearably hot and the another state is below freezing. There's not much one can do about it unless able to relocate somewhere you might feel is better, otherwise it's put up and shut up.

So that's it for January, 2012. First month done and over with whether we were ready or not. Might as well welcome February with open paws and hang on for the ride. The speed of time seems to be gaining on us. Now what are you going to do with your next 29 days?

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