Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Since Mercury went direct I feel better about writing the following blog. Last thing I’d want to do is confuse the human race any further and this comes from a cat who knows where she’s at, of course. Since I’ve had numerous inquiries about the Mercury Retrograde I thought I’d just blog about it. We just went through one from March 28th until April 23rd and I watched my step wherever I traveled.

First off let me ask you to ponder the following questions….

Have you ever lost something (besides your mind) like say a piece of jewelry, an important contract, the car keys, your shoes, your way, anything? Have you ever mailed a letter and it gets returned to you because you neglected to put on postage? Ever fax something to the wrong office, forget to pay a bill, get lost in your own neighborhood? Completely misconstrued something someone said? Write something bad about someone and then accidentally email it to them? Or how about something electrical that goes on the fritz? Computer crashes, your blender won’t mix your margarita, toaster burnt your breakfast, made a special trip to the store then returned home only to discover the one thing you went for you forgot?

Does it help to know these things happen to everyone? I didn’t think so but figured I’d give it a shot.

What if I told you there’s a very good explanation as to why these incidental screw ups occur and they happen to all of us? Would that help? Well, listen up anyway, keep an open mind and next time things seemed to get fouled up check the astrology charts and see if Mercury is retrograde! You can even Google it!

You see Mercury is the planet that governs communication, also known as the planet of intelligence. Knowing that should help make even better sense when I tell you that approximately three times a year this planet goes retrograde.

In other words, it appears to turn around and go backwards and does so for about three weeks at a time. It isn’t really going backwards, it’s merely an optical illusion based on the relative speeds and orbits of the Earth and Mercury around the Sun. When Mercury starts turning in this apparent backward motion, we start to feel the effects.

Consequently anything involving communication is subject to a misfire. Thus, the letter doesn’t get mailed to the right address, the sink backs up, car battery dies, you lose your way home, you forget to feed the cat...OMG!!!

You get the picture? Good, but do not forget to feed the cat!

So best advice is to become aware of these retrograde occurrences, never take anything for granted and double-check yourself with any form of communication. Bite your tongue, really think before you speak, do not mail the mortgage payment to the phone company, do put gas in the car, air in the tires, not the other way around. Just realize that from time to time you merely need to slow down and back track yourself a little bit and prioritize things.

Now mark your calendars and be aware of the two remaining retrogrades for 2011...August 2nd to the 26th and then November 24th to December 13th.

Happy Trails Star be sure and feed your cat!


Sister VC

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